As New Group of Sandy Hook Families Sue Alex Jones; Alternative Media At Risk of Being Muzzled

Truth in a Post-Truth Era: New Group of Sandy Hook Families file suit against Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones

by TUT editor

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Alex Jones, whose InfoWars website is viewed by millions, says that the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre was an elaborate hoax invented by government-backed “gun grabbers.”

ed note–Those who think we are re-visiting this theme for ‘told ya so’ reasons are–as usual–missing the point. Rather, the entire theme is an extension of another regularly-covered issue on this website that often appears under the heading ‘How They Do It’.

Indeed, as the ‘Sandy Hook Hoaxers’ (who now can simply be referred to as the ‘hoaxers’, given that they have now normalized the ‘hoax’ template and apply it to every single act of mass murder or terrorism that takes place around the world) were partially correct–Sandy Hook was a ‘managed’ event, and indeed, as the ‘hoaxers’ maintain,

it was done by  deeply-entrenched and powerful dark forces out to create a particular narrative that serves their interests, in this case, disarming the American people of the weapons needed for their personal self-defense and for the freedom of their country.

However, where the ‘hoaxers’ got it wrong and which they continue to get wrong to this very day despite the tsunami of both counter-evidence and common sense is exactly what kind of ‘weapons’ are the target of this sophisticated operation in psychological warfare. It is not the AR15 or other semi-automatic weapons which feature prominently in these mass shootings, but rather the ability on the part of ‘the movement’ to affect public opinion in such a way that those deeply-entrenched and powerful dark forces out to create a particular narrative that serves their interests are forced to retreat back into the sewers where they normally operate for fear that a mass public awakening as to their designs is about to blow up in their faces.

The entire Sandy Hook Hoax fiasco was doubtless an operation in psychological warfare conjured up by these very people, the idea for it first discussed publicly by Obama’s then Information Czar Cass Sunstein who spoke of the need for the powers that be to employ ‘teams of covert agents and pseudo-independent advocates’ to ‘cognitively infiltrate’ online groups and websites of ‘activist groups’ which advocate ‘conspiracy theories’ about the government in order to ‘increase citizens’ faith in government officials and to ‘undermine the credibility of conspiracists.’ He further proposed that the Government make ‘secret payments’ to so-called ‘independent’ credible voices to ‘bolster the Government’s message’.

And now, the fattened calf is ready for slaughter. The 9/11 ‘truth movement’ spent 6 years destroying its own credibility as a result of either openly embracing/promoting arsonists within our ranks such as Alex Jones, Jim Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, John Friend and others, or, short of embracing/promoting them, passively tolerating them.

And it isn’t just ‘Hoaxerism’ where this strategy is being applied in destroying the credibility of ‘alternative’ narratives. The entire White Nationalist/Alt right paradigm made famous by creatures such as Andrew Anglin and others has been made as much headline news (if indeed not moreso) than Alex Jones and the Sandy Hook hoax issue. Debacles such as what took place in Charlottesville Virgina last year, featuring obese bubbas in their white KKK outfits, AR15-toting militia guys and an assortment of neo-nazis marching around in 3rd Reich regalia and hamming it up in front of the cameras of the JMSM with stiff-armed salutes and shouts of ‘Seig Heil’ have now been burned into the memory of not just millions, but indeed BILLIONS of people around the world who have now self-incapacitated themselves from wandering into any territory of thought where the ‘JQ’ features prominently.

As we like to remind the readers of this website often, no one ever accused the Jews of being stupid and when we step back and honestly consider the manner by which any and all Gentile resistance to the judaic war against us has been rendered null and void by our own stupid actions, it makes perfect sense then why our enemies refer to us as stupid cattle fit for nothing more than enslavement and slaughter.

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Families of Sandy Hook victims & an FBI agent file defamation lawsuit against right-wing radio host Alex Jones

by TUT editor

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TUT editor | 05/23/2018 at 9:34 | Ca

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