America’s Deadly Sins-Tiffany Aliano, TX (America is Making Pedophilia Legal)

America’s Deadly Sins – Tiffany Aliano, TX


Fortunately for you folks, I decided to not end my career as a podcaster…not because I got a hundred comments all asking the show to go on, actually, I think I’m at somewhere around 11 so far….No, I’m staying, because today, I think I’ve heard a tale ALMOST as bad as Neil Shelton’s story, maybe even very nearly WORSE.  Tiffany Aliano of Lockhart, TX is with us tonight, and tells a tale worth whispering around campfires with flashlights up to your faces.  Don’t miss out!  It’s time for MORE FAMILY COURT CORRUPTION, AND NO ONE DOES IT BIGGER AN’ BETTER’N TEXAS!  Time:  5 p.m. CENTRAL.  GUEST CALL-IN NUMBER:  347.324.5146.

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