70 Years of Nakba: Deir Yassin Massacre Forced 3/4 Million Palestinians to Flee & Created the ZIONIST STATE OF ISRAEL! (Rotschild Khazar Mafia Wins!)

70 Years of Nakba: The Deir Yassin Massacre Sparked 750,000 Palestinians to Flee Their Homes, and the Establishment of the Zionist State

by TUT editor


Survivors remember the loss of innocence that every generation to come would possess as result of the slaughter that was committed in Deir Yassin. More than any single incident in Palestinian memory, Deir Yassin continues to stand out, not because of the bloodshed or gruesomeness of this particular massacre but because of the depth of its injury. It became a haunting symbol of the Palestinian Nakba, which sparked 750,000 Palestinians to flee their homes, and the establishment of the Zionist state that was predicated on the erasure of Palestine. CONTINUE READING

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