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MONDAY / MARCH 5, 2018

Canada is the No. 1 exporter of steel and aluminum to the United States and is vulnerable to tariffs.

NY Times: Stung by U.S. Tariff Plan, Canada Takes a Deep Breath


Lots of butt-hurt at Sulzberger’s Slimes and throughout the rest of the international Piranha Press over the announcement of Trump’s planned tariffs on imports of steel (25%)and aluminum (10%). Though Canada’s weirdly effeminate and insanely libtarded Prime Minister Justin Trudeau strikes us as the type who might actually enjoy a little penetrating butt-hurt, this isn’t the type of abuse he had in mind. You see, Canada, which this anti-American Editorial describes as “the long-suffering and restrained American trading partner,” stands to lose the most because it is a big exporter of both steel and aluminum to the United States.

An excerpt:

“It was yet another slap in the face from the bellicose best friend and neighbor to the south.

But as the news settled on Friday, Canadians took another breath and hoped that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the army of cheerleaders he has deployed to charm American officials since President Trump was elected would cajole the United States back from the edge of a trade war.

Rather than erupting in rage, Mr. Trudeau — ever conscious of how much his country’s economy relies on the United States — remained calm and firm, counting off the reasons that Mr. Trump’s move defied economic sense.”

In short, Globalist Justine Trudeau: good — Nationalist Donald Trump: bad.


Image result for trudeau with trump Image result for trudeau with trump Image result for trump walks away from trudeau

1. Girly Boy bows before Manly Man  2. What a pussy! He even sits like a woman. 3Limp-wristed Justine approached Trump to make small talk at the 2017 meeting of the Goofy-20. Trump just ignored him and walked away.


Canadian Foreign Ministerette, Chrystia Freeland, bitched and moaned that any tariffs on steel or aluminum were “absolutely unacceptable” and warned that Canada might complain to the World Trade Organization or set off “responsive measures.” Bring it on. douchebag. You’ll lose!

Of course, Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times hold no animosity toward our neighbors to the north, and nor does Trump. His purpose with the protective steel tariffs is twofold: 1. Strengthening America’s badly damaged steel industry, and 2. Striking at the heart of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), one of the most cherished institutions of the Globalist schemers. Steel and aluminum are absolutely critical to NAFTA because these metals are heavily utilized in manufacturing plants which the Globalists stole from the US and placed in Turd World Mexico.

And as for that oh-so-friendly government to the north, it was Canadian One Worlder agents who think exactly like Justine Trudeau and his late father, also a Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau — who helped build large industrial plants for Mexico for the specific purpose of throwing hundreds-of-thousands of Americans out of work. The Globalists have, for decades, been hard at work to hollow-out America’s manufacturing base and cut us down the size as the Turd World “catches up” to meet us in the mediocre middle that is to be the New World Order economy. By the way, this gutting of our manufacturing base is also one of the real purposes behind the Global Warming ™ / Climate Change ™ Hoax.


Image result for nafta signing Image result for nafta Image result for north american union
1 & 2. December,1993: With “bipartisan” ™ support from Republican’t ex-Presidents Gerald Ford and George Bush 41 (both members of the Globalist CFR group), and CFR Demoncrap Jimmy Carter, Globalist Golden Boy Bill Clinton (CFR) signs the treasonous NAFTA bill into law. Said Clinton of the bill: “NAFTA means jobs.”  3. The REAL long term goal? — a North American Union (to later be expanded to Central & South America) modeled along the lines of the European Union.
As the CIA’s Fake News screams “trade war!”  — “trade war!”  and spouts doom and gloom, the people most negatively impacted by NAFTA’s destruction are firmly in Trump’s corner on this. The entire rank & file of the United Steel Workers’ Union, generally not a Republican constituency, stands with Trump.
On the other end of the steel / aluminium spectrum, management and shareholders are also pleased. The Luxembourg-based steel manufacturing corporation ArcelorMittalhad warned that it was preparing to idle its US mill and eliminate 150 American workers employed there. But they will now be able to keep open that operation open. AndMichael Bless, CEO of Century Aluminum has already stated that Trump’s new proposed tariffs won’t affect consumers’ wallets as Justine Trudeau alleges, but will benefit “devastated” communities by bringing jobs back. He added that Trump’s tariffs will allow his company to invest $100 million and hire hundreds of Americanworkers. (here)
But what do the people who have spent their whole careers managing or working for the steel and aluminum industries know?   Sulzberger’s scribblers would rather we listen to the metrosexual Marxist mangina, Justine Trudeau, instead.


 Image result for Michael Bless ceo Image result for nr president we're with you on this steel  Image result for ivanka and trudeau

1 & 2. CEO Michael Bless. Management and labor agree — NAFTA stinks! 3. Libtard Ivanka (shown making eyes at Justine) seems to have a thing for girly boys. Thank goodness that she and her hubby Jew Jared have been squeezed out of influence by General Kelly.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump wants to start a trade war with Canada and Mexico.

Boobus Americanus 2: A trade war is the last thing we need. When Canada retaliates, Americans will also suffer.



Sugar Relax, Boobuss! The U.S. economy is more than ssix timess larger than Canada and Mexico combined. That’ss why that pusssy Trudeau is pisssing in hiss pink pantiess.

 Editor: In the broader scheme of things, it would be a blessing for all nations if The New World Order monster plot ever came crashing down.

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