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Pope Francis was presented in 2015 with an image of Archbishop Óscar Romero, who was killed as he said Mass in El Salvador in 1980.

NY Times: Pope Paves Way for Sainthood for Paul VI and Archbishop Óscar Romero

Once again, the CIA’s Argentinian man in the Vatican is flying his true red colors for all but the most willfully blind to see. Poop Frankie the Fake has just opened the way for the canonization (sainthood) of Pope Paul VI — the man who, as Pope during the Vatican II conference of the 1960’s, cleared the Jews of responsibility for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He also instructed the faithful to respect the validity of Judaism as a religious way of life — even though the Talmud teaches hatred of Christianity.
But the latest “tell” — as they say in poker parlance — of Frankie’s not-so-secret Marxism is his support for the sainting of the slain Salvadoran Archbishop Óscar Romero — an outspoken “liberation theologist” (communist) who got exactly what was coming to him in 1980 when a “right wing” gunman (or someone posing as a “right wing” gunman?) entered his chapel as he was concluding his latest Marxist mass, and blasted him out of his miserable existence. Unfortunately, the assassination made a martyr out of Romero — and now — or rather, soon to be — an actual saint of the Catholic Church.
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Saints for libtards — Pope Paul VI condemned “anti-Semitism”  and injected the first cancer cells of liberalism into official church doctrine; and Archbishop Romero was a straight-up Marxist — an affiliation which got him killed. 


As the Soviet and Cuban-backed communist terrorist rebels of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) waged war against the “right wing” pro-American government of El Salvador, Archbishop Romero shocked and angered many in the country’s military by writing a letter to U.S. President Jimmy Carter, requesting that the United States halt military aid to the government of El Salvador.

Romero’s beatification process was stalled for years because many in the Vatican hierarchy still frowned on his association with leftist “liberation theology.” Leave it to the Pinko Pope and his hand-picked cadre of homosexual communists to pull the Romero case out of mothballs and fast-track him to sainthood. In 2015, Poop Frankie declared the Marxist archbishop a “model of peace and forgiveness.”  The Poop beatified Romero while visiting San Salvador months later — a key step in the sainting process.


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 Romero, FMLN, Castro — all communists who worked to overthrow the “right wing” government of El Salvador.


After beatification, there was still one more hurdle to clear on the way to Catholic immortality. Every saint must have a miracle attributed to him or her. Not a problem for Frankie and his crew of child raping insiders. From the article:

“The miracle attributed to Paul VI involves the healing of a seriously ill fetus, according to the Diocese of Brescia, where the pope was born. In the case of Archbishop Romero, the nature of the miracle has not been made public, but Vatican journalists have speculated that it concerned a woman whose pregnancy presented serious risks for her and her baby, and who healed inexplicably.

“It is fortuitous that their miracles were approved the same day,” said Andrea Tornielli, who covers the Vatican for the Italian daily La Stampa and its website, Vatican Insider.”
How convenient. The saint-makers discovered a pair of stories about “healed” fetuses. That was easy enough, eh, Frankie?


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1 & 2: Year 2011: Obongo honors Romero by lighting a candle at his tomb. From whence this sudden affection for “Catholic” religious leaders, eh Barry? 
2.Poop Frankie is an evil Globalist wolf hiding behind a Christian mask.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Pope Francis wants to canonize a controversial liberation theologist who was killed during the Salvadoran Civil War.

Boobus Americanus 2: What’s a “liberation theologist?”


    Image result for pope evo morales cross

Sugar It’s code lingo for a frickin’ commie who hidess behind the crosss and a collar. 

 Editor: Wow. Nice photo you dug up there, Sugar. The pinko president of Bolivia presents the Poop with a gift of Christ nailed to a communist hammer & sickle instead of a cross. That says it all.

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