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So much amazing stuff happening – update from H.R.
Mike Adams There’s so much amazing stuff happening right now that I can hardly cover it all.

First off, the acceleration of tyranny and censorship from Google and YouTube is causing amazing things to happen behind the scenes that will ultimately see liberty prevail.

Right now, we have over 10,000 people signed up for the upcoming launch of, and hundreds more joining each day. Go to now to request an invite. It’s launching on or before July 4th, Independence Day.

I sense a rising liberty movement finally awakening from a long slumber. People are realizing that censorship, tyranny and authoritarianism is now right out in the open, being pursued daily by the evil tyrants of Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Plus, the news lineup we have for you today is extraordinary. Also, check out and daily, as we are publishing breakthrough science and medicine articles to those sites each day.

See all of today’s stories below…

Photodynamic treatments for human health and the food supply: Light compounds being developed that will fight microbial infections and cancerBy Lance D Johnson | Read the full story
Malicious news media now openly attacking vaccine victims, blaming them instead of vaccine ingredientsBy JD Heyes | Read the full story
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How the dishonest vaccine industry is demonizing groups like Texans for Vaccine Choice that try to save the lives of childrenBy Ethan Huff | Read the full story
The truth about pet cancer and the epidemic that no one talks aboutBy Florence Garrington | Read the full story
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Israel announces plan to stop using coal, gasoline, and diesel by 2030By David Williams | Read the full story
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More of Today’s ArticlesWorld famous psychiatrist warns that increased use of psychiatric drugs will translate to more mass shootings
The psychiatricpharmaceutical drug industry is worth a staggering 80B a year, and Washington is literally crawling with lobbyists who have seemingly bottomless pots of …#DeleteFacebook and eliminate this social media “spy network” from your life… forever
It has recently been discovered that the research firm Cambridge Analytica secretly collected the private data and information of 50 million Facebook users in order to determine their voting …

New flu forecasting system being rolled out; will aggressively push toxic vaccines with “science” propaganda
Researchers from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in New York City have come up with a new tracking system that they claim will be able to predict the geographic spread of …

MIT researchers create device they claim can “generate electricity from air”
To date, humanity has been able to discover and eventually tap on a number of renewable energy sources. From wind mills to solar panels, there have been all sorts of inventions and gadgets that …

Researchers are one step closer to creating solid oxide fuel cells
Solid oxide fuel cells could become more affordable and commonplace thanks to a recent study that successfully identifiedmore than 50 candidate materials, reported a NanoWerk article. The new …

If the EPA allows continued use of dicamba pesticide, it could push monarch butterflies to extinction
Over the course of the next year, more than 60M acres of the monarch butterfly’s natural habitat are expected to be sprayed with dicamba herbicide. The shocking report from the Center …

Beating food addiction with the Spice Diet: Chef shares his story of success with healthy food alternatives
According to the World Health Organization, the number of obese people around the world exceeds 300M, and 115M of these people are suffering from …

Fracking pollutes the water; chemicals contribute to cancer by causing uncontrolled cell division
Laboratory mice are subject to many of the vulnerabilities that affect humans. So, when a recently-released study warns that female lab mice developed pre-cancerous growths in their mammary …

Fermented tea protects the liver from oxidative stress with antioxidant properties that regulate glucose levels
A lot of diseases, such as fatty liver disease, are caused by oxidative stress. Fortunately, there are natural treatments that help fight it. One of these isa fermented tea called Pu-erh that …

Left-wing hate bigot John Oliver incites liberal mob to attack children’s book author
There’s something inherently innocent about a children’s book, and generally speaking, the American public views the authors of such books in a positive, inspiring way. But these days, the Left …

Scientists have improved the efficiency of converting solar energy into hydrogen with a non-metal photocatalyst
Scientists from Tianjin University in China have discovered a more efficient way to convert solar energy into hydrogen, formore novel energy production in the absence of sunlight. The …

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