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British Imperial Geopolitics Collapsing, Theresa May Desperately Tries To Control Trump

British Prime Minister Theresa May has put on a “Churchillian” show over the apparent poisoning of a Russian double agent in London. She and Foreign Secretary Boris “Col. Blimp” Johnson have issued a 24-hour ultimatum to Russia and demanded NATO support for a U.K. confrontation against Russia and possible attack on Syria. Tuesday afternoon May was pursuing President Donald Trump by phone to try to rope him into attacking Russia.READ MORE

‘I am a passionate Zionist,’ declares Boris Johnson

In the heat of a debate about Gaza this week, London Mayor Boris Johnson declared himself “a Zionist” on morning radio, before distancing himself from Israel’s actions, which he called “disproportionate”. Speaking on LBC, Johnson said: “I am a passionate Zionist. I am a supporter of Israel. I believe in its existence. I’ve been on […]

August 7, 2014, 10:40 am 11

Watch: New UK Prime Minister Theresa May pledges loyalty to Israel

Theresa May

Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information & Analysis, writes:

Britain is about to have a new prime minister, Theresa May, and no doubt many will be wondering where she stands on the twin issues of Israeli crimes and justice for the Palestinian people.

Many will have guessed the answer, given that 80 per cent of MPs of Mrs May’s governing Conservative Party are said to be members of the Zionist lobby group, Conservative Friends of Israel.

But because there are some notable Conservatives with principles who can distinguish right from wrong and know who are the villains and who are the victims in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, such as Nicolas Soames and Christopher Patten, some optimists might have some lingering doubts.

Well, they needn’t any longer.

Theresa May, the current UK home secretary who will be prime minister by the evening of Wednesday 13 July, is on record for defending Israeli impunity and is in total denial of the historic injustice committed by Britain when it collaborated with European Zionist terrorists – who had been murdering its own soldiers and policemen in Palestine – to dispossess and ethnically cleanse the indigenous Palestinians from their land and impose a colonial settler-state in Palestine.

Theresa May, in other words, is as slavishly Zionist as the Zionist pimp she replaces, David Cameron, known to some as “Agent Cameron”.

In the video below, Mrs May delivers a speech to the Bneir Akiva, Britain’s largest Zionist youth movement, to celebrate the creation of Israel, the colonial settler-state founded on the bones and in the houses and farms that had been stolen from the Palestinian people.

In the speech, delivered in April 2015 to mark the 67th anniversary of the dispossession of the Palestinians, Mrs May makes a few curious remarks.

She speaks of Israel’s leading role in combating human trafficking, omitting to mention the state-sponsored trafficking of children, or the abuse of Palestinian and African workers, in the Zionist state.

Strangely for a home secretary, Mrs May says she’s proud of changing domestic law to make it impossible to prosecute Israeli war criminals in the UK under Universal Jurisdiction, so that killers such as Tzipi Livni and Israeli officers involved in crimes against Palestinian civilians can roam free in Britain.

Also strangely for a home secretary, Mrs May hurls praise on the so-called “Community Security Trust”, a Mossad-linked Jewish vigilante-cum-propaganda and disinformation body responsible for harassing and smearing anti-Zionist activists, including Jews.

Throughout the speech, Mrs May speaks of British Jews as if they were a guest community in the UK, rather than fully-fledged Britons, thereby subscribing to a basic Zionist tenet that Jews cannot – indeed must not – be assimilated in gentile communities and can be at home only in the Jewish ghetto, Israel.

Not once in the speech did Mrs May mention the Palestinian people, the brutal dehumanising occupation or how real justice might deliver peace to Israelis and Palestinians alike.

No wonder that British Zionists are “over the moon”, as Gilad Atzmon put it.

The Israeli news website Ynet describes Mrs May as “Israel’s true friend”.

The Jewish Chronicle reports that Mrs May has worked closely with the Community Security Trust… Mrs May had committed another GBP13.4 million of government money to Jewish security measures and had made her intentions towards the community clear.

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My Comment:  These people are traitors to humanity;  they will be hiding in bunkers underground while the rest of us are cooked alive in a nuclear holocaust.  The Khazar Mafia is a ZIONIST Mafia!

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