I Won’t Say I Told You So But Gary Cohn Leaving Is GOOD For America! Bravo!!!

Trump called Gary Cohn a ‘globalist’… Is that ‘anti-shemitism’?

by TUT editor


NY DAILY -The phrase perpetuates a long held anti-Semitic conspiracy theory Jews can’t be “loyal” to any given country because for centuries they had no homeland of their own, Tuchman said. Conspiracy theorists claim Jews are instead loyal to a transnational agenda that aims to undermine Christian identities and western nations. The conspiracy theory — infamously introduced to Americans by Henry Ford’s four-volume booklet “The International Jew”. CONTINUE READING

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About Gary Cohn From Davidduke.com:

Trump Kicks Gary Cohn Out of White House!- Is Kushner Next? – The Time is Coming for a Reverse Purim Party!


Today Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discussed the departure of Gary Cohn as President Trump’s top economic advisor. Cohn, a Jewish former executive with Goldman Sachs, is apparently resigning over the President’s decision to levy tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. Recall that last August Cohn had publicly criticized Trump for not embracing Antifa and BLM violence against white people in Charlottesville.

They also talked about the role of hedge funds in the financial markets, “anti-semitism” as a rational response to Jewish group behavior, and the historic role of Jews in usury and economic exploitation.

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