Divide & Conquer Makes Way For Prosperity For All (New Paradigm)

Old Paradigm Dying in the Trans-Atlantic Region — British are Panicking

Over the past week, President Trump has trashed the efforts by the British and their assets in the discredited Obama intelligence apparatus to invent a justification for war with Russia and China. The Western media unleashed a tirade of denunciations of China, and especially of President Xi Jinping, following the announcement that term limits were being dropped from China’s Constitution, calling Xi a ruthless dictator, a new Emperor for life, and a danger to the world. Trump responded at a private dinner with Republicans: “He’s now president for life. President for life. No, he’s great. And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot some day.” The pathetic media whores went ballistic.READ MORE

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