By The Unhived Mind – 3rd Mar 2018


On the 24th of February 2018 I attempted to log into my account on JoinDiaspora and instead of entering my account I had a small pop-up saying ‘this account is locked’. I made sure I had the right log-in details and yet all I would get is this same ‘locked’ pop-up. I checked the actual account was still publically visible as all my posts were made public. Making posts on Diaspora public means that anyone can see the posts regardless of if they even have a Diaspora pod account. I’ve had a JoinDiaspora account for quite some time now and it was always hyper-linked in my feeds menu. The email account associated with JoinDiaspora has never ever received any email notification from JoinDiaspora and I’ve never received any reply to a support ticked I created over the situation. Do you really want to join a site that censors people like this and don’t even notify them at all let alone as to the exact reason? I’d been highlighting many subjects on JoinDiaspora from Jews to technology for years but lately the only thing I’d done differently was adding a few memes you see regularly exposing gun control, immigration, Talmudic devils and the devious Democratic Party (Communist party of the US) including the likes of crooked Hillary Clinton (Perci fifth degree Witch of Norman scion and cousin to Barbara Bush another Perci and witch of the 7th degree). The Diaspora network is riddled with Liberals and Antifa communist degenerates so I’m wondering if they’ve been placing their faces over my posts. The Diaspora system gives everyone a block button which can totally block out someone you don’t want view. User block buttons are designed to remove 99% of the moderation which is mostly difference of opinions based on prior and current brainwashing. If someone doesn’t like reading your conservative thoughts because they are Liberal minded then all they have to do is block and not press report buttons. The ultimate fault always lies with the site and in this case JoinDiaspora for outright censorship. I would also like to say that Diaspora isn’t a truly decentralized network because you’re relying on pods like JoinDiaspora which can censor you and they’re also vulnerable to attack as they’re part of the Talmudic internet distribution such as ICANN registration with their domain. It’s interesting that The Unhived Mind still continues to be censored to this day whilst others still do okay even on JewTube and similar.

I was warned about the JoinDiaspora pod after I started to notice a strange form of censorship early on when I first started to use the network. I had been helping someone get over many of their Fibromyalgia illness complaints so I attempted to post some data on this very subject and upon the JoinDiaspora network. When I posted my data on this illness I noticed that the data wasn’t visible to anyone at all and if I remember correctly not even to myself. I queried this with others and low and behold I was told by others that any hash tags containing this disease would trigger an automatic keyword censorship. To me I thought this was rather odd censoring a disease from being mentioned on a social media website. I started to wonder if JoinDiaspora was trying to prevent people conferring on their illness and of course block solutions. Why would they do this censorship otherwise? It made no sense to me other than some kind of blocking of knowledge of the subject. Well after my research on the illness I’ve come to the conclusion Fibromyalgia is a set of symptoms tied to biological warfare using the mycoplasma based bio-weapons. I will leave it up to your own thoughts and opinion as to why JoinDiaspora censored the fibromyalgia hash tag.

From the 1990s truth has exploded around the world thanks to the internet. If it wasn’t for all the hard work of truthsayers over the decades on the web then you wouldn’t now be listening to terms like ‘deep state’ or ‘shadow government’ in the mainstream like we are today and you wouldn’t have US Presidential candidates speaking of elites and special interests as we saw with Donald Trump (unfortunately another side of the Talmudic New Venice Empire and thus a shabbos goy). This explosion of real data on the web was only told to the very few at one time via the odd church meeting, newsletter and similar whilst the masses had no idea the information was out there let alone where to find it such as truthsayers post office box numbers etc. Over the last few years now the New Venice Talmudic Empire have been looking at ways to crush this truth from the internet. We’ve seen the Bilderberg Group meetings (mastered by The Worshipful Company of Inn Holders) discussing methods of suppressing the internet as well as Hillary Clinton admitting that they’re losing the information war back in 2011 (truth will always prevail over lies). The downfall for web users and these elitists is that as the censorship now goes overboard, the people now turn away from the censoring systems and either decide to no longer participate or they find alternative more free speech systems such as the move from Twitter to Gab. The next level of censorship will try to tackle all websites and ICANN registrations and so this means the goal of the truthsayers should be to now move over to a fully peer-2-peer internet. If truth is to continue on as it has then the truthsayers must move with the times and realize fast what’s approaching and get prepared similar to a survival prepper for doomsday except we wont be stocking a tin of beans but instead moving over and setting up on P2P and blockchain technologies the latter includes our finances for daily use excluding our precious metal savings (when metals disassociate with Rothschild/London price fixing). Today all the major search engines have become almost useless as they throw out far fewer results and those that do come through are fixed in favor of the elite and those who’ve paid extortionate currency to be placed at the front of the queue. We will have to go back to the days when all websites had a list of other website hyperlinks to bookmark to help spread the word for each other. The only problem with hyper-linking others is that you have a lot of infiltrators in the community many of which are Talmudic and of the 7th Floor ‘deep state’ FBI Division Five based in Denver, Colorado and tied to British Intelligence which purposely hold back real truthteller links. An example of censorship from within the community has been proven time and time again with one so-called alternative web search called ‘GoodGopher’ which is run by the HealthRanger. This GoodGopher search engine continually censored both The Unhived Mind and Vatican Assassins websites even after the websites were promoted through its registration system. You have to ask yourselves why would a so-called truthteller outright deny these two websites whilst accepting everyone else?

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