Why You Are Being Gang Stalked.

Why you are being gang stalked.

First of all, congratulations. After how many years (………) fill in the blank here, of being the target of community vigilante stalking, you have discovered what has been happening to you. You are now a member of a special minority – that minority of gang stalking targets who know they are being stalked. The majority don’t know. Many Targeted Individuals will have shared my experience. It took me more than 35 years to find out I was being subjected to gang stalking. The reason being present social conditions are so deteriorated that they provide ready camouflage for gang stalking activities, especially in urban areas. Noisy, anti-social, criminal neighbours; obnoxious bullying managers and work colleagues; rude and indifferent sales staff; long queues; bureaucratic incompetence and indifference to complaints; rip-off trades people. All these things are so common nowadays that experiencing a steady succession of all of them for years can easily be explained away by bad luck or just it’s what we have to put up with these days. Courtesy, good service, and professionalism all belong to an earlier era.

The majority of people being gang stalked do not know.

So, now you know you are a target of gang stalking I expect you are asking yourself, why? why me? what did I do?

The following are my suggestions. Like all criminals, the organisers of gang stalking are not so kind as to inform their victims nor the world at large, why they are doing it. But who they are and their possible motives are perhaps indicated by their choice of targets.


This is about the only category of target that the authorities sort of acknowledge. The authorities response to gang stalking goes like this. Gang stalking does not exist, but if gang stalking exists it is retaliation for whistleblowing. The message is, if you are a whistleblower you are asking to be gang stalked. So it is your own fault.

A slightly adjacent theory is, you are being gang stalked because you ticked of a policeman or someone with connections. Again, the message is, if you are being gang stalked it is your own fault for not kow-towing enough to someone walking all over you.

And that is about as much acknowledgement of gang stalking that you will get from the authorities.


Did you belong to the Scientology movement? It is an astonishing coincidence that the methods of gang stalking are a virtual carbon copy of Scientology’s Fair Game. The authorities know Fair Game exists, in fact it was referred to by a film of that name. But the identical gang stalking, to the authorities, does not exist. How strange. I would say – a rose by any other name …


Blacklisting is a conspiracy carried out by employers against individual employees. The employees commonly blacklisted  are Trade Union activists, trying to protect workers rights and conditions. Blacklisting is secretly denying employment to such people. Gang stalking often includes blacklisting – denying the Target employment. The only difference being there is no apparent reason for the gang stalking target to be blacklisted.


The majority of gang stalking targets do not know of any reason why they have been targeted. Perhaps a reason is suggested by who the gang stalkers target. The majority are women. Ethnic groups, black and coloured. Homosexuals. The slightly mentally impaired. Working class. People about to receive an inheritance.

My goodness! Aren’t all these people the very same people who have always been discriminated against in society and exploited and randomly persecuted? We are having human rights, and political correctness rammed down our throats by the authorities at every turn. So why isn’t dealing with gang stalking at the top of the political agenda?

So why are these people being selected for special persecution, apart from the reason that these are the same people who have always been targeted for exploitation and persecution?

Post-war a social revolution occurred, the visible manifestation being the Civil Rights movement which tackled endemic social evils such as racism, sexism, classism and disablism. There was a wave of social change resulting for a short time in the dismantling of institutional prejudice and unprecedented social equality of opportunity. Previously oppressed groups took giant leaps forward, taking advantage of the educational opportunities to increase their social class and economic status. My guess is this sent shock waves through the establishment who were suddenly subjected to competition from the very lowest ranks of society, previously excluded by virtual caste barriers. They immediately set to reversing these changes, but they could not do so openly as most people in society were happy with the changes. Destroying educational opportunity for the poor became one prime objective. At the same time  COINTELPRO, was targeted at social reformers and members of the disadvantaged groups – blacks, women, homosexuals – that might enjoy the benefits the social reforms were bringing. The strongest theory for gang stalking is that gang stalking is the modern manifestation of  COINTELPRO – having exactly the same targets – any member of an oppressed group who looks likely to take advantage of the new “social equality” and advance themselves. Women are the majority target. Working class women, career oriented women, ethnic women, lesbians. Women are at the bottom of every social heap in every society, and it is always profitable to exploit them. A relationship between gang stalking and trafficking has also been drawn.


In addition to the categories of people who are usually discriminated against there are two other targets who are gang stalked. Army veterans and a category you might call upright men (of lower social class).  Now what possible basis could there be for targeting men who by any criteria are staunch upholders of society’s values and most likely conservative. Why would the state select for attack, those people who are major upholders of the state?

Most soldiers are recruited from the working class. They are loyal to their country and their country’s values and are prepared to fight and die for their country and protecting their fellow country men and women. Veterans are trained and experienced soldiers.

Why would the state view them as an enemy and target them for persecution?

Perhaps a possible explanation is suggested by recent political events. It is plain that trans-national corporations have obtained so much wealth that they can lever the political apparatus in all Western democracies, to serve their interests, even against the interests of the majority of the citizenry. These corporations see that democracy, national boundaries and national identity are obstacles to their interests. With a world population of 7 billion plus, the decent working conditions and pay that working and middle class people receive in Western countries is much higher than the slave-labour conditions of third world countries. To the trans-national corporations the existence of the working class and middle class are a redundancy they wish to eliminate in the interests of profit. All the work in the world can be carried out by cheap third world labour. But the freedom-loving Western citizenry are not going to placidly accept third world conditions.

But what cannot be achieved in the open can be achieved in secret. Gang stalking exploits prejudice and fear to recruit one set of people, predominantly middle class who are harnessed to covertly harass and sabotage another set of people – working class and other marginal groups – under the pretext of helping National Security. The Target, an innocent person, but someone of lower status that the middle class person might fear, if only that they do not wish to have to compete with them, is labelled a terrorist/paedophile/drug dealer/mentally disturbed/homosexual etcetera, which justifies mistreatment and life sabotage. The recruit is retrained out of normal social behaviour to be abusive , a thief, a liar , a vandal and so on, in respect of the Target. Mistreatment is justified because the Target is identified as a threat, a criminal. But the recruit is the real target. And the effect of treating one person in what is viewed as a lower class group is that the entire group that the Target belongs to becomes viewed as legitimate targets for suspicion and mistreatment. Remember the groups targeted are lower class women, gays, ethnics. The discrimination and bigotry of yesteryear  are being re-trained in the population. The mentally disturbed slur is significant. People fear that mentally ill people might subject them to random unprovoked attack. This is a very effective slur against Veterans.

The end result is that middle class people are directly harnessed to harass, obstruct, and damage working class people, but they are the ones who are enslaved.

This is hardly accidental. That the two main social groups that those in power wish to eliminate are co-opted into direct conflict with each other. That the middle classes are being trained to deny service to anyone that their controllers elect. That increasing numbers in society find they cannot obtain any kind of decent service provided by society, and are robbed and cheated at every turn. Divide and rule.

The objectives are socio-political. I could speculate that the end result of this process are the elimination of the working class in its broadest definition, encompassing ethnic groups, with only those middle class people  retained who are prepared to be slaves to the elite, until they too become “redundant”. Work will be done by the cheapest workers on the planet. The services that we have become used to in our society, education, medical, communications, etc, will all be controlled by the elite and only extended to those who serve their interests.


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