#QAnon Confirms #TheStormHasArrived

The #QAnon Phenomenon Confirms #TheStormHasArrived

The #QAnon Phenomenon Confirms #TheStormHasArrived

Remember when President Trump said that this is The Calm Before The Storm? #CBTS

Here is an excerpt from The FAQ of Q


What’s going on here?

Someone very very close to President Trump has been dropping crumbs about global events from behind the scenes. He calls himself Q. He started at the end of October on 4chan and has continued since then, moving to this board when 4chan became compromised. What he’s claimed is going on is absolutely staggering.

How do you know he’s real?

He has posted irrefutable evidence that he is who he says he is.

– he predicted President Trump’s Twitter being shutdown

– he predicted the upheaval in Saudi Arabia

– he predicted an incident with a helicopter at a Rothschild estate in the UK two days before it happened

– he has posted original photographs taken from Air Force One. The timestamps and flight paths match the President’s recent trip to Asia. One was actually taken while flying over North Korea.

– He has posted key phrases that the President has used later on Twitter.

– some of his phrases and terminology have been independently confirmed as belonging to military intelligence.

He really is an insider with extraordinarily high security clearance. One might even say … Q Clearance.

How do you know it’s the same guy across posts?

He has a (reasonably) secure identifying code next to his name called a ‘tripcode.’ This code is the same on both 4chan and 8chan. His style and use of English has been consistent across all his posts.

But his tripcode here has a space in it and 4chan’s didn’t!

Try making a tripcode yourself. Instructions are here: https://8ch.net/faq.html#what-is-a-tripcode

Now put a space after your name. See? It’s the same tripcode. No need to worry.

Why is he leaking by posting on the chans?

Because they’re the last bastions of free speech. Mainstream media is hopelessly compromised and, as we’ll see further down, a major part of the problem. Social media is controlled and actively censored. The chans are where it’s at: pure uncensored raw discussion, analysis and detective work. Just ask Shia LeBeouf what they can achieve. This board’s job is to analyse Q’s material, find the truth and distill it down into a form that is palatable for normal people: memes, infographics and other red pills.

Use this link to read a .PDF of all of QAnon’s Bread Drops thru December 7th 2017


You need this information to be aware of the very real phenomenon that is taking place that was started by this QAnon person. The #QAnon hashtag on Twitter is constantly updating with information all day and night. I wanted my readers to be informed of this truth movement and to know that the Storm Has Arrived.


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