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An End to Geopolitics; An End to the British Empire’s Bestial Concept of Man

Remember who and what Mueller et al. are actually defending, through their campaign to topple the elected President of the United States: the dying Old Paradigm of the British Empire. That paradigm is based on geopolitical each-against-all warfare; savage economic looting of subject populations (including that of the United States); and, above all, a bestial concept of man which has been carefully cultivated and spread across the planet.READ MORE

My Comment:  Trannie Big Mike ‘Michelle’ Obama pictured with America’s gay ex-President Obama.  BTW he helped spend all of your social security money for invasions in the Middle East and put IOU’s in the Social Security Fund.  Now our corrupted gov’t wants to take guns away from the people because they know we are on the verge of a huge economic collapse and they won’t have the money to pay for the entitlements they promised which will spark unrest.  They don’t want to be shot be a raging populace so they want guns taken away so they can be safe in their looting of America and their corruption.

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