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The British Have Shown Their Hand

The British Foreign Office on Monday intervened in a London High Court hearing in the case of former MI6 official Christopher Steele. Steele’s lawyer is attempting to quash an earlier court order for Steele to submit himself to a deposition regarding one of the many lies in the now-famous dossier he prepared in order to bring down the President of the United States. The case was brought by Russian citizen Aleksej Gubarev, who was falsely accused by Steele of hacking into the computers of the Democratic Party in the U.S. (which, as former NSA expert Bill Binney has shown, never happened). The details can be read below — but what is critical is the fact that the Foreign Office, which supervises MI6, sent a lawyer to the court “in case the government felt it necessary to request any testimony by Steele was limited to protect official secrets,” as BBC reported.READ MORE

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