DID FDR, the ZIONIST,Sic the I.R.S. on Republican Jesse Owens?

Did FDR Sic the I.R.S. on Republican Jesse Owens?


By Mike King


Even the liberal-Communist propagandists who write our history books will, if asked, openly concede the fact that their beloved hero, Franklin Delinquent Rosenfeld, misused the I.R.S. to harass and intimidate his political opponents. Heck, even FDR’s son Elliot admitted it:


“My father may have been the originator of the concept of employing the I.R.S. as a weapon of political retribution.” (here


Victims of such abuse included Sen. Huey Long (D) of Louisiana, United Mine Workers leader John Lewis, Rep. Hamilton Fish (R) of New York, Chicago Tribune publisher Robert “Colonel” McCormick, Philadelphia Inquirer publisher Moses Annenberg (a fierce opponent of the New Deal), and, most notably, former Republican Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon.

At the urging of his donkey-faced lesbian Communist wife, Eleanor, FDR also, ordered the FBI to “investigate” the widely read journalist Westbrook Pegler for “sedition” – after a series of scathing articles in which Pegler had ridiculed Eleanor as “La Boca Grande” (The Big Mouth).



Huey Long, Andrew Mellon, Robert McCormick — just a few of the men that FDR punished by siccing the I.R.S. on them.

While reading up about Jesses Owens – the famed Black sprinter said to have been “snubbed” by Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Berlin Olympics – your trusted researcher and his faithful feline sidekick here stumbled across a long forgotten factoid about the oppression – the real oppression – of Mr. Owens. We had long known about his problems with the evil I.R.S. (1939 & 1966). We only recently learned that the I.R.S. lawsuit of 1939 was related to $10,000 that Owens earned for speeches given on behalf of Republican Presidential Candidate Alf Landon – the man who ran against the incumbent FDR in 1936.

Landon was a milk-toast “moderate” Republican, but he was regarded as pro-business and criticized FDR for going too far.


“The concentration of power in the hands of the President was not a question of temporary emergency. It was a question of permanent national policy. In my opinion the emergency of 1933 was a mere excuse…. National economic planning—the term used by this Administration to describe its policy—violates the basic ideals of the American system…. The price of economic planning is the loss of economic freedom. And economic freedom and personal liberty go hand in hand.”



1- Alf Landon ran against FDR 2- 1936: Republican Owens with Landon 3- Owens delivering paid pitches for the Alf Landon Presidential campaign.


With the Judenpress still pumping FDR up to superman status, Landon was crushed in a landslide.  By 1939, Owens (a pro-business Republican) was forced to file for bankruptcy after the I.R.S. shook him down over the money he had received from the Landon campaign. As far as we can tell, Owens did indeed “owe” the I.R.S. But in light of FDR’s known record of cruelty, pettiness, and abuse of I.R.S. power, a reasonable man has got to wonder if it was the vindictive FDR, or his henchmen, that put out a financial hit on the “uppity” Republican Jesse Owens. Perhaps that obsessive Roosevelt worshipper and self-righteous “anti-racist” film maker Ken Burns can look into this matter for us? Kenny? — Kenny?

(Sound of crickets)



Commie Kenny Burns of PBS fame was too busy sucking up to Mr. & Mr. Obongo to concern himself with what looks like the I.R.S. abuse of a Republican Black man by the Communist Roosevelts.


As for the worn out childish Fairy Tale of Hitler’s infamous “snub” of Jesse Owens , featured in the film, ‘Race’ – co-written by Anna Waterhouse (cough cough) and co-produced by Jean Charles Levy (cough cough) – well, it never happened!

Here’s the real story:

The 1936 Olympics had been awarded to Germany before Hitler became Chancellor. So despite the protests of Jewish groups, it was too late to take the games away. The games showcased the new Germany. Visitors were very impressed at the spirit and positive outlook of the German people. Germany won more medals than any other nation, but Jesse Owens was the biggest star of the games.



1- Far from being treated badly in “racist” Germany, Owens was the toast of the town. 2- Owens was befriended by the German star Luz Long, his main long-jump competitor (above). The two remained pen-pals until Long was killed in FDR’s war, in 1943. 3- Years later, Owens, fulfilling a promise he had made to Long (who was expecting to die in the war), visited Germany and took the same photo with Long’s son.


The German crowd cheered wildly for Owens as he won 4 Gold Medals as both a sprinter and long jumper. But the Zionist media used Owens to vilify Hitler. It was reported then, and repeated endlessly ever since, that Hitler “snubbed” Owens because he was Black, storming out of the stadium in a fit of rage when Owens won his first race. This “snub” made Hitler seem petty and rude in the eyes of the world.  But the story of Hitler’s “snub” of Owens is, like everything else we have been told about Hitler, a big lie.  





Owens himself confirmed that the “snub” story is a hoax, stating, “When I passed the Chancellor, he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour (Hitler) in Germany.   Years later, in his autobiography, Owens again clarified, “Hitler didn’t snub me -it was FDR who snubbed me.   The president didn’t even send me a telegram.”  

Finally, in 2009, an aging German sports reporter named Sigfried Mischner broke his silence and came clean about a photograph of Hitler shaking hands with Owens, which Owens had shown him in 1966. From The Daily Mail:

“… a veteran sports reporter in Germany has come forward to claim that, though Hitler did indeed leave the stadium after the race, it was not before shaking Owens’ hand.

Siegfried Mischner, 83, claims that Owens carried around a photograph in his wallet of the Fuehrer doing just that.

Owens, who felt the newspapers of the day reported ‘unfairly’ on Hitler’s attitude towards him, tried to get Mischner and his journalist colleagues to change the accepted version of history in the 1960s.

Mischner claimed Owens showed him the photograph and told him: ‘That was one of my most beautiful moments.’

Mischner said: ‘It was taken behind the honour stand and so not captured by the world’s press. But I saw it, I saw him shaking Hitler’s hand.

‘The predominating opinion in post-war Germany was that Hitler had ignored Owens.

‘We therefore decided not to report on the photo. The consensus was that Hitler had to continue to be painted in a bad light in relation to Owens.’Mischner, who went on to write a book about the 1936 Olympics, said other journalists were with him on the day that Owens produced the photo and they too did not report on it.

‘Owens was disappointed,’ he said. ‘He shook his head disapprovingly. The press then was very obedient. I can make no excuses, but no one wanted to be the one to make Hitler the monster look good.

‘All my colleagues are dead, Owens is dead. I thought this was the last chance to set the record straight. I have no idea where the photo is or even if it exists still.’   (here)

Under the reign of liberal icon Lyndon Baines Johnson, the liberals and their beloved I.R.S. spit in Owens’ face for a second time in 1966. Owens was convicted over taxes owed from the late 1950’s.  So you see, Owens’s was right when he wrote:

“Hitler didn’t snub me. — It was FDR who snubbed me.” —- as did LBJ. (My Comment:  FDR was a Zionist and they are the most racist, hate filled beings on EARTH.!  They hate Blacks, work to keep Asians DOWN and Germany DOWN, and Christian Russia OUT, and the Zionist controlled U.S. In to World Powers and Control.  Zionists are behind Black Refugees being expelled in Israel, slavery of black people, WORLD WARS Killing Christians (Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the two most Christian cities in Japan which is why the Zionist Synagogue of Satan dropped bombs on them;  the lie they state in their owned media is that they were preventing more American deaths but this is a WHOPPER of a lie-Japan had been trying to surrender for six months;  the Zionists royally F____d them over!  EVIL!!!) Zionists ARE the Illuminati’s and the Synagogue of SATAN!  PURE EVIL!



“Mein Gott! I svear, if zat American negro vins another race, I vant the entire German Track team gassed to death vit heavy doses of bug spray — eez dat understood?”


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