North Korea Opens Dialogue With South Korea: No Reason For War!


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NY Times: North Korea Reopens Border Hotline With South

NY Times:  South Korea Proposes Border Talks With North Korea After Kim’s Overture



Oh how the Foxtard / Talk Radiotard / Patriotard crowd is already crowing about how Donald Trump‘s blustering nuclear threats against North Korea have finally brought “the rogue nation”  to its senses. Lil Kim is apparently now so afraid of Trump, that he wants to talk peace with South Korea — or so the idiotic narrative goes.


A few examples:

  • Headline: The Guardian (UK): North Korea reopens hotline with South hours after Trump button boast (here)

  • Headline: The Hindu (India) North Korea reopens border hotline as Trump boasts of “bigger” nuclear button (here)


Such stupid sentiments were repeated by one “conservative” caller after another after another on AM Talk Radio stations across America. Meanwhile, over on the left-end of America’s idiocracy, pantie-wetting libtards expressed their fear and horror over Trump’s “nuclear button” threats. Oh what priceless comedy this world of fools provides us with!



1. Does “conservative” FOX star / Talk Radio host Sean Hannity know the game? Or is he being duped too? 2Xi Jinping of China would not have given Trump such a lavish reception if he thought for one moment that Trump was going to nuke North Korea. —- If we may digress for a moment, we must say — after eight long years of having to look at that muscular, ill-mannered, scowling cross-dresser “Michelle” Obongo, how very, very nice it is to be able to respectfully admire the beauty, poise and elegance of Melania Trump.


Horn tootin’ time! As we have been saying for months, Chessmaster Trump has been playing the warmongers all along by distracting us all with crazy talk about “fire and fury,” and “rocket man,” and “my nuclear button,” while actually working behind-the-scenes to maintain peace on the Korean peninsula. At a time when some of our own loyal readers thought that Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat had ingested a bit too much catnip, we called this scenario in an April 2017 piece titled, “Could Trump, Putin and Xi be Conspiring for Peace” (here) and have stuck by it ever since.


Flashback Excerpts —- April, 2017:




“What if Xi and Lil’ Kim are in on a plot to fake a potential war crisis in Asia? What if Trumpstein’s seemingly outrageous timing of launching missiles (on Syria) whilst having “chocolate cake” with Xi was all part of the act? What if China’s bizarre refusal to accept a delivery of North Korean coal and announced decision to buy more US coal instead is a stunt intended to sell the big ruse? What if the end result of this riveting drama is that a “fearful” Syria, and a “fearful” North Korea — backed up, respectively, by a “fearful” Putin and an equally “fearful” Xi — all make “concessions” to the “new Sheriff” in DC?


What if Sheriff Trumpstein comes out of this “world crisis” looking a hero for diffusing World War 3 while “bad guys” Lil’ Kim and Assad are left appearing “humbled?” What if Trumpstein, Putin and Xi then lead the world away from the brink of Soros and McCain’s World War 3 and toward the peace and “multi-polarity” that Trumpstein had advocated during the 2016 campaign? What if Satanyahoo (who badly wants war with North Korea, Syria and Iran) is being pacified while actually being outmaneuvered? What if Trumpstein is faking war, for the hidden purpose of preventing war?


In one way or another, we are being played, boys and girls. Of that there can be no doubt. The amended question now is: Is Trumpstein playing games for evil purposes, or for the higher hidden purpose of avoiding war? The coming days and weeks should give us the answer to these “what ifs.” Should there be some 11th hour “deal” among the great powers to avert Armageddon, then we shall know for sure that it was all just a film.”



After initially praising and exalting Trump for the missile-strikes on Syria, elements of the Piranha Press have since begun openly expressing suspicions that “Operation Pothole” was part of a strategic game. Trumpstein’s post-missile media honeymoon is already over.



******* End of flashback


Nailed it.


As part of the coming endgame for this geo-political maneuver, “madman” Trump wasted no time in taking credit for Lil Kim’s sudden reasonableness, while “cautiously” welcoming the news of Lil Kim’s outreach to South Korea. What can the Israel-Firsters and neo-cons (who HATE North Korea because it sells advanced technology and weaponry to Iran and Syria) say when North and South kiss and make up, on their own?


Because Trump has outmaneuvered the warmongers on Syria (now at peace) and the Korean peninsula (to remain at peace); a reasonable person has got to wonder: Could Trump’s rhetorical nastiness toward the Palestinians and Iran also be part of a plot for peace? We cannot call that one for sure just yet, but it is a plausible hypothesis. As we’ve said before, time will tell.


Stay tuned.



If left to their own and without U.S. interference, North Korea and South Korea (which have talked in the past) will find a way to restore good relations. Well played, gentlemen — well played. 


 Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the lunatic in North Korea wants to hold talks with the South.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well, I hate to give Trump credit for anything because he is still a racist, but his crazy nuclear threats may have actually worked after all.



Sugar: Trump is “crazy” like a cat, you frickin’ cretin!


Editor: I believe the expression is ‘fox,’ Sugar. — Crazy like a fox.


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