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Xi Jinping Vows No Poverty in China by 2020. That Could be Hard.



How typical of the envious losers of America’s PRC (Predatory Ruling Class)  to pessimistically piss all over the bold promise of China’s leader, Xi Jinping to pull the remaining pockets of Chinese poverty into the ranks of the nation’s rapidly expanding middle class by 2020. Whether this lofty goal can be achieved in 2020 or not (in light of what China has already accomplished over the past 25 years, the fulfillment of Xi’s projection would not surprise us), any decent human being would have to applaud the goal and the leader who set it. Right?

But the Slime’s staff of sleazy scribblers is comprised of creatures that are anything but human. Leave it to the mouthpiece of Judeo-America’s Establishment to whine about how “hard” it “could be” to fulfill that noble ambition. Instead of informing its readers of the stunning progress which China has already made and continues to make on a daily basis, the article quotes one academic “expert” after another to show how “hard” the standard of Xi’s own “War on Poverty” will be to meet. Newsflash libtards! Xi ain’t no LBJ! Just sit back and watch what a Fascist system can do for its people. Our money is on China achieving this goal, or, at worst, missing the target date by a few years.

Let’s add a bit of sunshine to Slimes sleazeball Javier Hernandez pessimistic propaganda: 

Booming modern cities, tree-lined suburban neighborhoods, and engineering marvels continue to sprout throughout Fascist China at a stunning pace. But the envious losers at the Slimes remain fixated on the remaining rural poor people and how “hard” it will be to uplift them.


Hernandez: From his home in the mountains of northeast China, Li Zhi has watched from a distance as prosperity has transformed China into a land of high-speed trains, billionaires and skyscrapers. But the economic boom that made China rich never came to Chashan, a desolate village of 40 people about a six-hour drive from Beijing.

Analysis: After nearly three decades of misrule, Stalin’s boy Mao Zedung died in 1977, but it wasn’t until the 1980’s that saner reform-minded successors consolidated their power. They inherited an undeveloped communist hellhole with a tiny  “upper crust” and nearly one billion mostly backwards serfs with “income equality.” Blame Mao (a favorite of the Slimes during the late 1940’s) for the remaining pockets of institutionalized misery, not Xi.

Hernandez: … an ambitious plan to complete the eradication of rural poverty by 2020. The plan targets the more than 43 million people who still live (below) the poverty line set by the Chinese government. Five years ago, about 100 million people lived below that line, according to official statistics.

Analysis: Interesting truth gem. The number of people living below the Chinese poverty line (about a dollar a day)dropped from 100 million to 43 million in just 5 years.

Hernandez: Mr. Xi, who cemented his status last week alongside Mao as one of China’s most powerful modern leaders, sees improving living standards as essential to quelling frustration over inequality, ..

Analysis: Frustration over “inequality,” eh? It sounds like the Slimes writer is the true “communist” here.

Hernandez: Even as Chinese cities have turned into playgrounds for the nouveau riche and the swelling ranks of the middle class, nearly 500 million people, or about 40 percent of China’s population, live on less than $5.50 per day, according to the World Bank.

Analysis:  Apart from the fact that $5.50 per day in China buys a lot more stuff than $5.50 in the U.S., it wasn’t that long ago when the whole darn country lived on less than that! Why not focus on China’s positive trajectory instead of the fading remnant of the failures of Maoist communism?  

A century of foreign exploitation (Google: Opium Wars), a dozen years of civil war, World War II — followed by 30 + years of Maoist idiocy, isolation, oppression and cultural destruction — inflicted enormous damage and stunted China’s progress. The remaining extreme poverty in China should be pinned on Mao, not Xi Jinping.


Hernandez (quoting some egghead): “The whole idea of socialism was that all Chinese would have a reasonable living standard,” said Kerry Brown, a China scholar at King’s College London. “The nagging concern is that the Communist Party has created billionaires and a strong middle class, and yet there are still a lot of poor people. That seems to be a massive contradiction.”

Analysis: One gets the sense that if China were to reduce its poverty rate to a single solitary Chinaman out of 1.2 billion, this London-based “China scholar” would climb the Himalayas and scour the Gobi Desert to find that person and start lamenting over the “contradiction” of China’s success. “You see! You see! Income ineqiality! Income inequality!”

Hey Professor! Have you had a good look at the unaffordable and growing slums of unjolly ol’ England lately? 

Hernandez: Experts say that a slowing economy and loss of manufacturing jobs could add to strains on low-income families, undermining Mr. Xi’s vision.

Analysis: “Experts say,” eh? These “experts” have been predicting a Chinese crash for the past 10 years now, as China continues to rack up 6-8% compounding GDP growth rates year in and year out.

Hernandez: On Wednesday, during a speech marking the beginning of his second five-year term as party leader, Mr. Xi described eradicating poverty by 2020 as one of his chief priorities, vowing to “leave no one behind in the march toward common prosperity.”

Analysis: Can you smell the “yeah but” coming?

Hernandez: Now Mr. Xi faces pressure to deliver.

“Xi Jinping is a prisoner of expectations,” Professor Brown said. “His problem is not the fears of Chinese people but the hopes of Chinese people.”

Analysis: Spoken like a true negative loser. What’s the matter, Professor? Is China’s ruling class triggering an inferiority complex among your crowd? Are you afraid that China might embarrass you by actually eradicating poverty as the UK and EU become poorer and poorer under your stewardship? This is the same type of jealousy which the British and French elites manifested towards Germany’s success before both World Wars.

Hernandez: While international organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank have praised the government’s work in helping hundreds of millions of Chinese rise out of poverty in recent decades, ….

Analysis: Good truth gem — smell the “yeah but” coming?

Hernandez: … some experts worry that Mr. Xi’s plan is more about making headlines than bringing lasting change to poor communities.

Analysis: There it is! “Yeah buttism” in all its sneaky rhetorical splendor. 


Instead of “yeah butting” away China great achievements, Professor Kerry Brown of London’s Chatham House (sister group to the US Council on Foreign Relations) ought to focus on the growing slums of blighted England instead.


Hernandez: Some say the government’s focus on 43 million people is too narrow, noting that millions more live just above the official poverty line in conditions that are not much better.

Analysis: “Some say,” eh? He means more pointy-headed academic ass-clowns who have never so much as managed a childhood lemonade stand, let alone a national economy.

Hernandez: Others say that by concentrating on rural areas, Mr. Xi is neglecting the plight of the urban poor, …

Analysis: “Others say,” eh? He means even more pointy-headed academic ass-clowns.

Hernandez: “The government’s initiatives sound good,” said Qin Gao, a professor at Columbia University who studies Chinese social policy. “But the question is how to sustain poverty reduction. Some people may be looking to quick fixes rather than really addressing poverty.”

Analysis: These very same “experts” and “policy makers” from high places like Colombia University have not only failed to eradicate poverty in wealthy America, but have actually made it worse! These are the “some say” characters which the Slimes always goes to for analysis. 

1 & 2: Rural poverty in the United States  3. Urban poverty in the United Kingdom — At least China’s poverty numbers are headed in the positive direction whereas more and more White westerners are falling into poverty and suicide every year.


Hernandez: Mr. Xi has instructed officials to focus on alleviating poverty in rural places like Chashan, …..

“This is a very big hole in the overall picture, which the government rarely addresses,” said Philip G. Alston, a scholar and adviser to the United Nations who issued a report this year on extreme poverty and human rights in China. “The reality is that many of them are living in extreme poverty.”

Analysis: Another “scholar” adds his worthless 2 cents of “expertise” — missing the facts that hundreds of millions have already pulled out of poverty and that the continued trajectory of all Chinese classes, including the poor, is upward. The pathetic cheap shots of these “experts” would be analogous to an envious engineering “critic” dismissing the progress of the builder of a 100-story skyscraper thusly:

  • Critic: Your proposed 100-story building only has 90 floors and doesn’t even have a roof!

  • Builder: I know that, dumb-ass! That’s why we are still working. We started off with an empty lot and expect to finish the remaining 10 floors and roof well ahead of schedule.

In Christian doctrine, the ugly sentiment of envy is considered to be one of the “7 deadly sins.” Envy breeds inferiority complexes which in turn breed blind irrational hatred of those perceived as better than you. Understand that eternal moral truth, and you’ll understand why these elite “experts” of the western PRC are always trashing China’s amazing feats — and Russia’s too. As it was during the days of The Great One (that’s Hitler for you newbies and normies), so too it is again today. Fascism works, and the usual suspects can’t stand it.

 “The contrast between England itself and its overseas territories is so grotesque that England has always has a certain inferiority complex with respect to the European continent. Whenever a continental power reached a certain strength, England believed itself and its empire to be threatened. Every continental flowering made England nervous, every attempt at growth by nations wanting their place in the sun led England to take on the policeman’s role.”

Die Wehrmacht (German Army) Magazine, 3 (1939, Nr. 19), p. 2.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times about how China’s boom has still left many in poverty.

Boobus Americanus 2: China just has a handful of billionaires and no middle class. America will always be Number One.


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