The Zionist Serpent Speaks: Israel is Good and Will Prevail-We Can Expect Another Holocaust Then!

Naftali Bennett – This Is A War Of Good vs. Evil And Israel Will Prevail

by TUT editor


BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS – In the battle between good and evil, “Israel is a force of good in this world,” said Minister of Education Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home).

Speaking to a select group of Christian media broadcasters, publishers, journalists and communicators, Bennett said, “There is one Jewish nation with 6.5 million Jews and this same state is surrounded by hundreds of millions of radical Islamists that want to annihilate us and you. Israel is at the forefront of the battle between the free world and radical Islam.

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My Comment:  Check out Zionist mass murders which is Israel’s mass murder policy against Palestinians.

Zionist Mass Murders:  Communist China mass murders 65 Million, Communist Russia 66 Million, Mass Murder of American Indians under Zionist Controlled Federal Government:  100 Million, Zionist Stalin’s mass murders of Ukrainians during Holodomor:  7 to 10 Million, and Zionist wars fought by United States in Middle East and Asia with untold millions dead.  Our flag should have a skull and cross bones on it!

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