BRICs Countries and the New Silk Road Are a Game Changer and the U.S. Public Knows Nothing About This!

Zepp-LaRouche: Most People Are Still Unaware That We Are at the Crossroads of Human History

HELGA ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Yes. I made a comment to China Daily where I emphasized one aspect of the speech by President Xi Jinping, and that is that he mentioned about 14 times in the context of his three-and-a-half hour long speech, where he emphasized that the aim of politics and of the efforts of the CPC [Communist Party of China] is to create a better and happier life for the people. Now that is a thought which when I look at the various politicians in the West, I haven’t heard them talking about that. But if you really think about it, that is what politics should be all about, and it’s no accident that this idea was actually in the American Declaration of Independence; where one of the inalienable rights mentioned there is the pursuit of happiness.


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