Antifa is ZIONIST Created Communism….Check Out George Soros Funding of Antifa!

Columbus Day — Defend Civilization, and Trump, Against Antifa and Mueller

The mobilization by antifa and related anarchist groups against Columbus Day, which was celebrated yesterday in the U.S., has nothing to do with the defense of indigenous people, as many city and state governments would have you believe when they changed Columbus Day to Indigenous People Day. Rather, it is aimed at destroying the Renaissance, which gave birth to the idea of linking Europe with China by sailing west, avoiding the imperial control of the sea lanes to the east. It is aimed at destroying the concept of the New World as a City Upon a Hill, as John Winthrop said to the Massachusetts Bay colonists, escaping the oligarchical monarchies of a decadent Europe. It is aimed at destroying the United States itself, and most certainly, it is aimed at furthering the attempted coup d’etat against the President of the United States.READ MORE

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