White Nationalists Created by Zionist Cabal? Zionists Control FBI…Think Hillary Clinton & Comey-Partners in Crime

Meet Andrew Anglin, the Missing neo-Nazi Who Is Also Yair Netanyahu’s #1 Fan

by TUT editor

ed note–despite the tongue-in-cheek tone contained within the article’s title, no one should make the mistake of believing for a moment that behind closed doors, Anglin and his rancid operation are not prized and praised by Judea, Inc in the highest possible manner. Despite all the condemnatory noises they may make in public, the fact nevertheless is that organized Jewish groups, including ADL, SPLC et al, LOVE sewer rats like Anglin, LOVE the diseased dialogue he leads and LOVE the intellectual stink he leaves in his wake wherever he goes. Anglin’s mission–whether it has been explicitly explained to him or not–is to drag all intelligent discourse and discussion concerning the Jewish problem down into the same gutter he calls home with his content and delivery, done in the interest of making it easier for organized Jewish interests to paint all opposition to their agenda (s) as racist, violent, dangerous, and criminal. Everytime he opens his mouth or posts something on his website, there is thunderous applause and laughing within the halls of organized Jewry as they gain yet another notch in the information war against Gentiledom, to say nothing of the increased monetary support that flows their way as a result as well.

Remember also that Anglin–while indeed receiving a substantial ‘boost’ of international coverage by the JMSM in the run up to the 2016 election, nevertheless–enjoys his success as a result of the support he receives from that gaggle of unhinged, undereducated, under-employed, and under-sexed angry white men otherwise calling themselves ‘white nationalists’ who are too stupid to see the manner by which he–while feeding into their emotional needs for validation, nevertheless with his rancid delivery dashes whatever respectability they yearn to achieve in terms of public awareness for their grievances as the deaf ear that has been turned towards their cause time and again grows even deafer everytime he belches out yet another webpage.

In the final analysis, were it not for the indispensable role Anglin has played in recent years in furthering the narrative needed by Judea, Inc, the entire ‘White Nationalist’ fiasco that Trump has had to deal with since before being elected would not be even as much as a micro-issue and would have garnered not even an ounce of awareness amongst the general public but who now know it by heart and view it in EXACTLY the manner as OJI need it to be viewed.  

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