Activism! Crush the Zionist British Coup Against President Trump

BREAKING: Lyndon LaRouche—Crush the British Coup Against the President

Lyndon LaRouche, speaking about the implications flowing from a Memorandum released last week by the Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, and the Russian sanctions bill passed by Congress almost simultaneously, called for immediate action by the American people to avert the British plan for war with Russia and China to which the Congress of the United States has capitulated. “The American people must demand that the ongoing treasonous British coup against the Presidency and the nation itself be stopped and its perpetrators prosecuted and imprisoned,” LaRouche said. The British system which has controlled the United States “must be cancelled and the President must make every effort to save the people of this country and the rest of humankind from further British directed depredations against their lives. Cancel the British system, save the people,” LaRouche said.READ MORE

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