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Doctor Cured Her Own Multiple Sclerosis and Went From Wheelchair to Riding a Bike in Just One Year

Posted: 04 Jun 2017 10:00 PM PDT

In the modern day world, there is so many life threatening diseases to worry about. One of the most debilitating is multiple sclerosis – and this doctor found a cure by treating herself.

Multiple sclerosis is a very common disabling neurological disease of young people. It afflicts approximately a quarter of a million Americans. The symptoms can be completely debilitating too.

They consist of recurring attacks of inflammation in the central nervous system. It is among some of the worst kinds of diseases to acquire; autoimmune diseases.

If you are diagnosed with such disease, your doctor will most likely prescribe you a drug to stop the progression of the disease.

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Lawsuit Exposes Fmr Speaker of the House for the Rape of a 10yo Boy in a Bathroom

Posted: 04 Jun 2017 09:00 PM PDT

It’s every parent’s nightmare, the kind of crime which leaves one speechless, in shock, and overcome with emotion: child rape.

Now, one Illinois man says he knows who raped him, and he’s no longer going to stay silent — even if his attacker is a well-connected Washington bureaucrat and former speaker of the house.

Illinois resident known as “Richard Doe” says former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Dennis Hastert is the teacher who raped him, and he can no longer stay silent.

Because the crime is sexual in nature, Richard’s true identity is being withheld.

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Snowden Smashes the Police State in Most Epic Rant Ever, ‘Terrorists Don’t Take Our Rights, Govt Does’

Posted: 04 Jun 2017 08:00 PM PDT

“Terrorists don’t hate us for our freedom,” the former NSA contractor asserted, “they don’t even know what our freedoms are… Terrorists are incapable of destroying our rights or diminishing our society they lack the strength — only we can do that.” – Edward Snowden

Whistleblower Edward Snowden does not mince words, and his ardent assessment of our perpetually-dwindling rights in the United States and around the world — offered live in a teleconference Tuesday — certainly didn’t break that mold.

Government will not act in accordance with the public interest unless it is made to,” Snowden contended, beginning what would arguably be one of the most powerful public appearances since he blew the whistle and the U.S.’ Intelligence Community’s expansive surveillance programs in 2013.

“You may never be safe in any country — whether it’s Brussels, or Russia, or Portugal, or the United States — to speak a necessary, but inconvenient, truth,” he continued, addressing the erosion of free speech, and a lack of justice for those who exercise that right.

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CIA Agents Caught Red Handed Trolling Alternative Media Sites

Posted: 04 Jun 2017 07:00 PM PDT

The CIA have expanded their program that facilitates fake propaganda stories by using agents to troll internet forums, social media and alternative website in a huge attack on Alternative Media.

The expansion of Operation Mockingbird sees CIA agents use fake user accounts on various internet forums and social channels, arguing with real users in an attempt to subvert genuine communication. reports: According to RT news, agents have up to “10 fake shill accounts” used to troll and create the illusion of having a genuine network of friends.

“They will defend current administration decisions with a relentless irrational stubbornness that one can only be paid to do.

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