Israel Misses the Anti-American Marxist Obama But I AM Grateful He Helped Native Americans!

Israeli officials are missing Obama earlier than expected

by MG editor

Analysis: Trump wants to reach a formula for an Israeli-Palestinian agreement within a year. His special envoy’s determination is making Jerusalem tremble, as no one knows how the US president will react if the Middle East deal he is concocting fails or is sabotaged.

ed note–please read carefully what the author is saying.

Trump is serious about a resolution to the Palestinian/Israeli situation, and not because he is a ‘nice guy’, but rather because the festering sore now endangers American interests. What the author does not say, but which all should assume is the elephant in the room in terms of the push for some kind of resolution to this problem, is Russia and Iran coming up with a solution of their own and thus pulling the ENTIRE Middle East into their sphere of influence, leaving Uncle Sam either with seriously diminished influence or else none at all.

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My Comment:  Obama was connected to George Soros the Rothschild khazar moneyman who is a Zionist as are the Rothschilds.  Unfortunately, we have another puppet of the Rothschild’s connected to George Soros, Zionist, in Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s husband.  Woe to the United States!

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