Whistleblower Max Spiers Full Lecture Poland Shortly Before He Was Murdered


Max Spiers Full Lecture Poland, Warsaw (English Only)

Trauma-Based Mind Control, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Pedophilia, Cannibalism, Advanced Technology, Star Gates, Implants, Annunaki, Bloodlines, Bush Crime Family, Nazis, Project Paperclip, the Anti-Human Agenda, Artificial Intelligence (AI),”the Beast”, the Moon: Artificial Soul Harvesting Device, Humans Stuck in a Time-Loop, Christ Consciousness vs. Luciferian Consciousness, Transhumanism, Project Oaktree, MI 7, Project Zygote, Sex Magic, Astral Plane, Rhesus Negative Blood: Off Planet Blood/ Mind Hive Blood, etc.

My Comment:  He mentions the Beast Computer located in Belgium collecting information on ALL of us and how the moon is an artificial construct.  Extreme secret information that those in power do NOT wish for us to know.

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