Wake Up Amerika! Israel IS the Deep State and WAS Involved in 9/11-They HATE US!!!

MK Steinitz–‘There’s no one for Israel to negotiate with’

by MG editor

Likud Minister says PA chief Mahmoud Abbas ‘too extreme’ to ever reach agreement with Israel.

Ed note–the ‘no partner’ schtick has been around  for a loooooong, long time…This is the automatic, autonomic, reflexive black magic that the Jewish state belches out regularly in the interests of dominating the narrative and ensuring that she as the thieving, rapacious victimizer is always able to paint herself as the innocent, pure-as-the-wind-driven-snow victim who would just LOVE to secure a peace deal with the Palestinian people she has butchered and brutalized now for half a century, if only a suitable ‘partner’ could be found.

What makes this latest burp different however is that Netanyahu and Likud know that a change of political weather is coming with the new Trump administration. They knew it a year ago, which is why so much effort was expended and so much noise generated in trying to deep-six his chances at the presidency. Rome, now being governed by a new Caesar more accustomed to giving orders than taking them and willing to invest in risky ventures if the return is sufficient, is serious about extracting the Empire from the death spiral in which it finds itself vis a vis the Israeli/Palestinian situation, and the Jews know it.

Depending on what transpires in the very near future vis a vis the speed with which Trump puts together this peace deal and the level of support and cooperation he receives from the Palestinians, look for Israel to engage in her usual theatrics of blowing something up–including the Presidential limousine with Trump riding in it–in order to back-burner this latest development. Read more of this post

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