The Ugly Truth: Why the Jews Want to Oust Trump and Put in Pence

TUT Broadcast Feb 13, 2017

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Tonight’s program–

The razor’s edge that Trump must walk in trying to mitigate the disaster that is soon to fall upon America and the West as part of Judea’s planned destruction of Rome as payback for what took place in 70 AD. Those–including within the ‘movement’ reacting emotionally to things Trump has said/done are in effect assisting in their own destruction by adding their voices to those trying to push Trump over the razor’s edge into doing something rash so that he may be removed either through impeachment or through the provisions of the 25th Amendment, leaving Mike Pence, a true Zionist in every sense of the word–in charge.

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My Comment:  The Rothschild Zionists want us to live in a Communist Society under Agenda 21, NATO, the United Nations and they want Abortions, Child Trafficking, Pedophilia, Homosexuality etc. to be legal and Guns to be illegal.  Period.  They expect us to live stack & pack like in Brasov, Romania.  Owning your own home and car are “Unsustainable.”  They push drugs into America, were responsible for the Slave Trade and ultimately want World Wide Slavery with only themselves pulling the strings.

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