Take Your Cash Out of Banks & Brokerages: Store Food, Water Filters, Gold, Silver & Anything You’ll Need in an Emergency!

Dear Activist,
I don’t mean to alarm you — but please be prepared to take action.
If you have a dime in a savings or checking account…
If you have money in an IRA, 401(k) or brokerage accounts…
If you have a single penny in the financial system…
This could actually be your last chance to protect yourself.
Here’s what I mean…
For the past 10 months, U.S. intelligence insider Jim Rickards has crisscrossed the planet — gathering details of a looming event.
His journey has taken him from Washington, D.C., to London, Latin America and Asia.
In an effort to cover EVERY base, Jim has met one on one with former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke…
Bank of China honcho Zhu Min… and even the head of the ultra-powerful Bilderberg Group.
In addition, he has consulted with top intelligence officials — inside and outside the CIA.
All of these meetings have led Jim to confirm this same shocking prediction.
We could soon witness the $326 trillion “freezing” of the world financial system.
It will be purposeful.
It will be destructive beyond belief.
And when it occurs, it could happen inside of 48 hours.
Not only would this event devastate millions of individual Americans.
This same event could end Trump’s presidency before it really even begins.
But you don’t have to be a victim.
In this world-premiere video interview, Jim reveals all (including who’s behind this looming catastrophe).
You’ll discover exactly what’s coming.
You’ll go inside Jim’s closed-door meetings with the elites of global finance.
You’ll even get details on how to prepare, including Jim’s recommended investments. (Just one of them could have already handed you up to 1,178% gains!)
For immediate access to this world-premiere story, simply go here now.
Joe Schriefer
Publisher, Agora Financial
P.S. Here’s what I find REALLY shocking about the coming $326 trillion collapse: It will represent the world’s first “purposeful” financial collapse. Folks will think it’s happening as a result of random market chaos. But behind the scenes, some 189 operatives will orchestrate every moment of the crisis. What does it mean for you and your family’s financial future? Just go here for details… from Jim Rickards himself.

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