Whistleblowers Are Mega Important: Smashes Global Warming Fraud!!! (Oppose Carbon Tax!)

Brand New Elite Whistleblower Smashes Global Warming ScienceFeb 07, 2017 06:30 am
By Jon Rappoport Awarded climate medal by Obama—now he finds enormous fraud and exposes it. Memo to President Trump and Steve Bannon: Here it is….

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My Comment:  Dear Readers:  Now that you know the Global Warming is a HOAX you MUST OPPOSE any Carbon Tax Legislation and Call your Congress Asshole to Make Your Opposition Absolutely Clear!  I, myself, do make my position known weekly on these fronts:  Glass-Steagall Reinstatement and 21st Century Glass Steagall, support for releasing the 28 Pages (Success!), support for JASTA (Success!), Releasing Chelsea Manning From Prison (Success!), No War With Syria-2012 (Brief Success in 2012 only), No War With Iran (2 years ago and today), No Arms to Saudi’s (today) and UNSafe Chemicals Taken Out of Our Products, Food and Water, Labeling Laws Passed (Still trying), No Neonics (Bee Killers!), etc.  It is a lot of work and a lot of it is Thankless work but someone has to make the calls to save our nation and keep the world from getting into WW3!  I try to not only present the problems but also to show you the way to solutions….no one likes a bunch of negative problems dumped on them….that’s like dealing with a crybaby…but to realize the solutions we have to define the problem first…right? I also give out petitions and deliver them to stores asking them to label foods and oppose selling Neonics.  This does not cost a fortune and you can orally refer people to this site.  When a Whistleblower risks his/her life the least you can do is Call Congress or Petition them and take ACTION!

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