What (Phony) Interests is the US Exercising in the South China Sea Issue? China Has Historically had Rights in This Area….Quit Acting Like a Bunch of Bullies A__Holes!

Beijing urges US to exercise caution when dealing with South China Sea issue

by Sabba


SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST – Beijing has called on Washington to be “cautious” when commenting on the South China Sea dispute, after the White House said the United States would protect its interests in international waters in the area.

“The US is not a claimant in the related disputes in the South China Sea,” said foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying during a regular press conference on Tuesday. “We urge the US side to respect the reality, to be cautious in its remarks and actions, so as to avoid undermining the peace and stability in the region,” she said.


 My Comment:  Not only is the US Geopolitically Stirring up conflict in the South China Seas as it does everywhere! but China has had historical rights in these areas!  No one has a problem here except the US with the blatant obnoxious EXCEPTIONALISM meaning oligarchs can do anything and no one else has any rights at all.  The foolish US public has for too long gone along with their representatives blatant Criminality and Human Rights Atrocities….is it any surprise that it is RUSSIA coming to the rescue of Syria even vowing to rebuild Syrian Christian Churches??? Russia gave human aid to the Syrians NOT the US…thanks to our blatant foreign criminality we are the biggest murderers, cheaters, liars, criminals ON EARTH—-NO EXCEPTIONS and the Public here is EXCEPTIONALLY STUPID TO GO ALONG WITH THIS BLATANT CRIMINALITY AND EXCEPTIONALLY ROTTEN TO DEFEND IT.  Look people don’t be surprised if your “leaders” get you nuked in WW3 for that is what all this is leading up to and they have bomb shelters for their own selves and their attitude towards you is F__k the Public—they don’t Care!  Even Sweden has bomb shelters for their people as does Russia.  US does not even care if the electrical grid goes out here and 90% DIE.  What a Government.  You have to have rocks in your head to defend it!
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