Trump Has Hired anti-Vaccine Kennedy as well as Madd Dog Mattis as Well as Wall Streeters to Handle Our Fiscal Policy-the Zionists MUST Have Control of American Finances or They Will Shoot Trump Like They Shot Kennedy & Lincoln (Both Were Taking Back Control of the Nation’s Money)

Lest We Forget– ‘Is Trump Really Pro-Israel?’

by MG editor


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MG editor | 01/13/2017 at 7:53 am | Categorie

My Comment:  There are major changes afoot with the New Trump Administration.  We certainly will know the MMR vaccine is definitely linked to autism and definitely Rex Tillerson (oilman) wants to work with Russia and likes Russia.  This is good.  But MAd Dog Mattis wants to war with Iran which is the same as war with Russia & China.  (They come as a package.)  I think he is just a corporate warmonger;  No George Patton this one!  Hawkish on Iran-Bad News-Iran has been fighting terrorists with Russia and it would be nice if our Zionist News Network told the truth for ONCE!  It’s good Mattis opposes waterboarding-this is good.  Having Goldman Sachs in charge of our finances is generally bad news unless they are dissenters against Wall Street-who does anyone think got us in this depression?  Clue:  Wall Street & Zionists.  The proble

Syria Is 7th (Muslim) Country Bombed By 2009 Nobel Peace ……

Since winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama has now bombed 7 predominantly Muslim countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya,

m with this article are all the lies Obama wants to make nice with Muslims.  Yemen, Syria and the rest are predominantly Muslim:…

Predominantly Muslim

Granderson is correct to say these countries are all predominantly Muslim (with the exception of the Philippines, which is not included in his tally). We found at a Pew report that said each of the seven countries with confirmed airstrikes under Obama are more than 90 percent Muslim, as of 2010.

Afghanistan: 99.8 percent

Iraq: 98.9 percent

Pakistan: 96.4 percent

Somalia: 98.6 percent

Yemen: 99.0 percent

Libya: 96.6 percent

Syria: 92.8 percent

The Philippines, on the other hand, is just 5.1 percent Muslim. For comparison, the United States is 0.8 percent Muslim, according to the Pew report.

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