Mike Adam’s 10 point plan to Make America Great Again!

  1. Push for banning mercury in vaccines and ending the war on children.
  2. Use good science to keep exposing the toxic chemicals and heavy metals in the food supply.
  3. Keep exposing media lies, fake news and fake science.
  4. Defend the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights.
  5. Teach more preparedness and self-reliance so more people can survive the global debt collapse that’s coming.
  6. Keep delivering clean, green, lab-verified solutions for healthy living and breakthrough nutrition via the Health Ranger Store.
  7. Demand a more tolerant society and an end to systemic racism in academia and government, where racism against Asians and Whites is now endemic. Stop college professors from teaching “hate courses” that only strengthen the cycle of violence and racial divide.
  8. Fight against subversives and communists who are trying to overthrow America (see videos by Yuri Bezmenov and the 4 stages of subversion).
  9. Keep fighting against poisonous, chemical agriculture and GMOs while advocating honest food labeling.
  10. Keep sharing ideas for how to prevent disease, lower health care costs and save our nation billions of dollars. Promote nutrition that halts and prevents disease.

Watch the full video here:


 My Comment:  We Need to get rid of the Alphabet Agencies such as IRS, Dept of Education/Common Core, Expose CDC as For Profit and hold Vaccines up to real clinical testing independent of CDC, Fund Fusion Research laboratories by at least 100 million dollars, get rid of bee killing Neonics and Pesticides, scientific funding for Fukushima clean-up, etc.  This is only a Start!
Glass Steagall to prevent Economic Holocaust.

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