Is It Possible that the Illuminati Wrote the Bible? Yes Anything is Possible-Old Testament Has a War God and What the Zionist Illuminati LOVE is WAR

Re: It is possible that the Illuminati wrote the Bible ?
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I came to this conclusion myself and all the pieces fit perfectly, i always felt religion was controlling in a way and im not a person to be controlled, I am not afraid of the illuminati, I want to bring them down, if people cant see the truth they are blind, its on our currency, the 1 dollar bill has their logo and under the pyramid reads novus ordo seclrorum which means new world order, the illuminati call themselves the new world order and claim to print the very money you spend, I think its 100% true, concidering it does have their logos all over it, even a tiny owl is hidden on the 1 dollar bill, they think we are all stupid so they hide it right in plain site, part of their subconscious control methods, look at disney for instance, 33 club-33rd masonry, subliminal message through all of their films.
My Comment:  In the New Testament Jesus is a man of peace contrasting with the War God of the Old Testament which is what the Zionist Jewish believe in.  (They run the United States gov.)  The reason our dollar has all illuminati symbols is because it is printed by the Federal Reserve-Zionist Banksters who hijacked the printing of our currency which is our patriotic right.  The Federal Reserve is controlled by Chase Bank (Zionist Dimon), Goldman Sachs (Zionist of Wall Street) , Wells Fargo (Zionist Bank), Citibank (Zionist Wall Street Bank), Bank of America (Wall Street Zionist Bank) etc.  Many of these Talmudic Zionists are practicing Satanists and control the US which is why approx’ly 800,000 children go missing every year and are NOT investigated.
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