Is Donald Trump the Back Door to Zionists Maintaining Control Geopolitically? World is In a NEW PARADIGM and Will Be Free of Globalist Control

Trump Will Try to Smash the Russia-China-Iran Triangle. Here Is Why He Will Fail

by Sabba


SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST – China, Russia and Iran are the three key players in what promises to be the Eurasian Century. Donald Trump may be The Joker; The Fool; The Ace of Spades; the ultimate trickster. What nobody can tell for sure is how this shifty chameleon will seduce, cajole, divide and threaten these three countries in his bid to “Make America Great Again”.  CONTINUE READING

My Comment:  Illuminati criminals should ALL go to jail:  Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Soros, Clintons, Bushes & British/Dutch Monarchy for starters but there are many more including their pedophile politician enablers.


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