Financial Crash Could Be Alleviated With Glass-Steagall Firewall; Infrastructure Development of $8 Trillion Putting People to Work!

Nomi Prins: Financial Crash From Epic Debt, Asset Bubbles “Possible In Last Quarter 2017”Jan 19, 2017 01:25 pm
By Mac Slavo Could there be a crash coming in 2017? Will increasing interest rates at the Federal Reserve trigger the beginning of the end?…

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My Comment:  China Has offered to hold our Bonds for infrastructure development-a Big Win for Us & Them-Right Now they’re holding worthless bonds but if used for infrastructure development the bonds will be worth something as America’s Productivity Increases.  China has had a 10% Growth Rate for THIRTY Years Straight and they have lifted their nation out of Poverty.  The Chinese Are Very Proud of their Leaders and Exuberant about the Future…they do have human rights issues that must be addressed such as LIVE organ harvesting of the Falun Gong…this is a HUGE deal.  But, we cannot ignore their lifting 90% of the Chinese out of poverty and going overseas building infrastructure to life Humanity out of poverty.  China & Russia are about the Right of ALL NATIONS to develop and have a first world std of living!  China has achieved in 30 years what it took 200 years for the United States to do…they have 20,000 kilometers of NEW maglev rail.  Where is our Media on all of this development?  Our media is a lying fearmongering Zionist Whore!

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