DuPont, One of the Satanic illuminati Corporations is Going Down!

I wanted to make sure you saw this important news out of Ohio yesterday.

The $12.5 million verdict shows that DuPont’s Teflon armor on these cases is finally chipping away.

As Harold pointed out, “We now know that not only was the company aware of the dangers of C-8, but they also knew the chemical was contaminating local drinking water at harmful levels.”

Now this isn’t news to you or me. But, the press is finally starting to recognize it, too. In fact, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Delaware News Journal, The Parkersburg News-Sentinel, and many others covered yesterday’s story.

And that coverage is the direct result of people like you.

Without your work, DuPont’s deadly actions would remain in the shadows. Thank you for it.

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