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Leonard Milberg, who collects Judaica and Irish poetry, viewing a display containing the 16th-century manuscript by Luis de Carvajal the Younger at the New-York Historical Society.

NY Times: A Secret Jew, the New World, a Lost Book: Mystery Solved


Long before the phony “Holocaust” TM of the 20th Century; and long before the phony “pogroms” TM of the 19th Century, there was the real but totally misrepresented and exaggerated “Spanish Inquisition” which commenced in 1478, and remained in effect until 1874. Officially known as the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, the policy was established by “anti-Semitic” TMCatholic Monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile.

The Inquisition is generally misunderstood as a case of “intolerant” TM Christians forcing the Jews to convert to Catholicism under threat of torture or death at the hands of the Inquisitor. That’s not exactly the case and this article, albeit inadvertently, actually refutes the popular misconception. Let’s dive in.


http://www.historiarex.com/uploads/files/1410746887.jpg http://rationalwiki.org/w/images/0/05/NOBODY_EXPECTS_THE_SPANISH_INQUISITION!.jpg http://www.catholic.com/sites/default/files/images/blog/mainimages/inquisition.jpg

Ferdinand, Isabella and the Catholic Church have been scorned and mocked for initiating the Inquisition. What haven’t we been taught about this period in European history?


The article opens:

“It is perhaps the most significant artifact documenting the arrival of Jews in the New World: a small, tattered 16th-century manuscript written in an almost microscopic hand by Luis de Carvajal the Younger, the man whose life and pain it chronicled.

Until 1932, the 180-page booklet by de Carvajal, a secret Jew who was burned at the stake by the Inquisition in Spain’s colony of Mexico, resided in that country’s National Archives.”

A “secret Jew,” eh? That sure sounds like a conspiracy theory TM, doesn’t it?

You see, boys and girls, once upon a time in Catholic Spain, the chosenites were taking over the joint, particularly in matters pertaining to commerce and money. (There’s a shocker!) Compounding the problem was the fact that so many of them, for purposes of career advancement, had pretended to convert to Christianity while secretly remaining true to Judaism. And finally, to compound their dirty deeds even more, they aggressively proselytized Catholics to convert to Judaism!

These generally olive-skinned and black-haired Sephardic “secret Jews” — referred to as “conversos” or “marranos” — made common cause with their Moorish Muslim cousins who had also overstayed their welcome in the parts of Spain which they had earlier conquered. Cleansing Spain of the North African Moors was relatively easy, but digging out the insincere secret “marranos” was challenging. In a certain sense, the Inquisition was very similar to latter day mole hunts aimed at cleaning out communists.


http://boston.forward.com/workspace/assets/images/articles/Spain-map.jpg http://i.forbesimg.com/media/lists/people/sonia-sotomayor_416x416.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/676932291885727744/02ydNw0Y.jpg

Marranos chose to flout the laws and disrespect the hospitality of their Spanish hosts. Many who arrived in the New World continued the charade for generations. Probable marranos (and homosexuals): Puerto Rican Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor (meyer) and Cuban Senator from Florida Marco Rubio (Ruby).


More from the article:

“De Carvajal was a Jew who posed as Catholic in New Spain, now Mexico, during a period when the Inquisition ruthlessly persecuted heretics and false converts…”

“False converts,” eh? So, poor Mr. De Carvajal, more than 100 years into the Inquisition regime, still chose to scam and disrespect the Spaniards. Why feel sorry for him? Imagine 1000’s of false converts to Judaism trying to weasel their way into privileged status in “the State of Israel.”  How aggressively would the Mossad smoke them out and even kill them? Hmmmm?

Another exceprt:

“De Carvajal, a trader, was arrested around 1590 as a proselytizing Jew.”

You see that?  Not only was he a phony convert, but he proselytized — something that modern day Israel will throw you in jail for! Mr. D brought the law down upon himself.

One more:

“He was freed for a time — possibly so that the authorities could track his contacts with other secret Jews.”

Translation: They mercifully let him free — and he went back to playing his games.

The Spanish Inquisition supported royal decrees issued in 1492 and 1502 ordering troublesome Jews (and Moors) to convert or leave Spain. Their country, their rules. Though the Inquisition is almost always portrayed in popular literature and history as an example of Catholic “intolerance” TM and “oppression” TM, more than a few “respectable” modern historians now openly question previous accounts regarding the severity of the Inquisition. (This will probably begin to happen with the Holohoax within the next 50 years.)

Noted British-Burmese historian Henry Kamen boldly declares that the ‘myth’ of the pervasive, torture-mad inquisition is an invention of 19th century Protestant authors (financed by Jews, perhaps?) with an agenda to discredit the Catholic Church. Over the 350 year period that the Inquisition was in effect throughout the empire, about 150,000 persons (average of 428 per year) were charged with crimes and only about 3,000 (10 per year) were executed. Kamen also reveals that many suspects were just questioned and released unharmed, and torture was used very rarely and only in certain serious cases.


http://www.petersfraserdunlop.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Professor_Henry_Kamen.jpg https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61kAuwWxwhL._UY250_.jpg https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51dRjvi3ZGL._UY250_.jpg

After plowing through reams and reams of original source documents, historian Henry Kamen and others have long since set the record straight about the Spanish Inquisition. Though most modern day academics now know the true version of events, the public at large still misunderstands the history.

“One of the most important living historians of Spain, Kamen has devoted his career, most famously in his revisionist books on Philip II and on the Spanish Inquisition, to taking on the so-called Black Legend, promoted by Spain’s opponents. That he has in many ways succeeded, thanks to decades of engaged scholarship, in fundamentally altering historians’ understanding of 15th- and 16th-century Spain is testimony to the force of his arguments and the depth and quality of his rigorous, archive-based research.”

— The Atlantic Monthly (Boston), 2012


Considering the depth of the treason  infestation problem that Spain faced both at home and in its New World colonies, the 300 year mole hunt wasn’t anywhere near as harsh as people believe it to be. Nonetheless, the truth about the Inquisition didn’t stop the libtarded government of Spain, in 2015, from granting full citizenship rights (replete with all the “free” stuff that the Marxists of Madrid hand out to the masses) to the scattered “descendants” of Spanish Jews. (here)
Dios mio and “oy vey!” This world has gone mad.
 I know, Isabella, I know.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today’s New York Times today about recently discovered documents belonging to a Mexican Jew who was tortured and executed during the era of the Spanish Inquisition.

Boobus Americanus 2: Since time immemorial, the Jews have suffered and endured so much persecution.

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