Ziongate is NOT Going Down Without a Tsunami of Opposition!

Electors are being harassed, threatened in bid to stop Trump

by MG editor


ed note–again, at the risk of beating an already dead horse, if organized Jewish/pro-Israel interests didn’t want this taking place, it wouldn’t be taking place. For all the kissey-face posturing that has occurred as of late involving infamous characters of ‘la famiglia’ appearing to make favorable noises about Trump after spending a year and an incalculable amount of money and resources trying to defeat his candidacy, if Trump were truly ‘their man’, they would be doing for him what they ALWAYS do for their puppets-in-chief, i.e. he would have the red carpet rolled out for him and all forms of opposition would be silenced. Furthermore, for those who have hung their hopes on a Trump presidency, that indeed he is going to ‘Make America Great Again’, a word of caution–assuming the Electoral College does install him as the next President, he is going to walk into a minefield never before seen in the history of politics that will effectively paralyze him from doing anything. The smart money says to prepare for the worst, because Judea is not going to just sit back and watch as 2,000 years of meticulous planning goes up in smoke over one rogue political leader. 

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