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Health Ranger announces “science warrior” project to protect Native American waters

… CHIEF Organics launched to fund laboratory testing of Native American waters across North America, testing them for heavy metals, pesticides and fracking chemicals…

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Chief Organics

I’ve been working on this project for nearly a year.

Today, I’m announcing two remarkable things:

First, I’m about 10% Native American and, according to my relatives who did the research, I’m a direct descendant of Pocahontas. (For real, not a political joke…) Read my article here to see the photos of my great great grandmother and read about my ancestry.

Second, I’m announcing a “science warrior” project to generate the funds needed to offer no-cost laboratory testing of all Native American waters across North America, using my science lab’s high-end instrumentation.

As detailed in this article, I’ll be testing Native American waters for heavy metals, pesticides and fracking chemicals, helping Native American communities receive rapid science alerts on when their waters are being threatened by corporate pollution or the EPA’s rampant environmental destruction.

To fund this, I’m launching CHIEF Organics, which redirects 1% of net sales funds to this laboratory effort, providing all the funds we need to run the instruments, pay for personnel and conduct all this testing at no charge to Native American communities.

In summary, today I’m launching a new brand that gives back to Native American causes, helping protect aquifers from polllution, fracking and oil drilling. To jumpstart this effort, I’m also also offering a bundle with all (4) flavors at 44% off retail (see below).

CHIEF Organics Whey Protein delivers all 20 essential and non-essential branch-chain amino acids, and each delicious flavor has been lab-tested and verified for purity. My formulas go beyond mere “USDA Organic” standards, having been analyzed for pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, radiation and synthetic growth hormones, among other things.

Each serving of Chief Organics Whey Protein, which comes in four flavors – Original, Chocolate, Vanilla and Peanut Butter – provides high quality protein, but they’re all low in fat while remaining true to the Native American tradition of environmental stewardship.

While many commercial brands of protein powder are packed with artificial sweeteners, flavors and high calorie fillers, CHIEF Organics Whey Protein is sourced only from pasture-fed cows in New Zealand.

Use the promo code Holiday10 at checkout to get an Additional 10% off CHIEF Organics products for the next six days. And if you order 49 bucks (or more) worth of merchandise, shipping is on us (in the contiguous 48 states only).

Why this matters: I am committed to supporting Native American causes in America, including the donation of my laboratory services to testing Native American water supplies for toxic heavy metals and other chemical pollutants. CHIEF Organics Whey Protein is a product that will lend direct financial support to these efforts while bringing you an ultra-clean whey protein solution that’s incredibly delicious.

Enjoy the blends, and thank you for your support of our important mission.

To your health,

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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