ADL, Major Jewish Groups Snub Trump’s Invite-Haters!

ADL, Major Jewish Groups Snub Invite to Trump Hotel Hanukkah Party in DC

by MG editor


More and more Jewish groups are backing out of the high-profile Hanukkah party; even White House Jewish liaisons refused invites to be honored at the Trump Hotel bash.

ed note–and of course, as we always point out here, the question that must be asked is WHY?

Is there any doubt whatsoever that if indeed as we are told on a daily basis by all sorts of experts, that Trump was ‘their boy’, that these same Jewish groups now snubbing his invitation would make sure to be first in line, getting their ugly faces photoed shaking hands with him? Can anyone recall a similar circumstance of these same groups–operating at the EXTREMELY elevated status that they do on an INTERNATIONAL BASIS, snubbing a newly-elected US President in this fashion?

If indeed–as we are told on a daily basis by geniuses in this ‘movement’ that Trump is owned by the Jews, why this high-profile snub which will doubtless result in all sorts of behind the scenes retaliation from someone who is scheduled to become the world;s most powerful political figure? 

That is, if indeed he actually becomes that figure. The fact that ADL and other groups would take such a gamble, the likely outcome of which would be to curry disfavor with the President suggests that perhaps they know something that the rest of us don’t know just yet vis a vis the Electoral College in just a few days and know they can engage in risky business such as this without incurring any later liabilities.

But, despite this, doubtless we will be flooded here with all sorts of inane ‘analysis’ by those aforementioned ‘geniuses’ accompanied by news stories of Trump talking about his ‘Jewish daughter’ and his ‘Jewish grandkids’ and how all of this is proof that he is not just in Netanyahu’s back pocket, but in his underwear. Read more of this post

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