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Israeli ‘Justice’ Minister Shaked–Supreme Court should have ‘summarily rejected’ petition to postpone appointment of ‘rape Rabbi’ to IDF

by MG editor


ed note–a little review of the facts of the case for those coming late to the discussion–

Rabbi Eyal Karim is up for appointment as Chief Rabbi for the IDF, meaning that in ‘spiritual’ matters where the IDF seeks guidance in terms of wartime ‘ethics’, it is his job to make sure that everything is ‘kosher’ and that God’s chosen killers operate in conformity with the teachings of Judaism.

A few years back, when Karim was asked about the biblical proscription concerning the rape of Gentile women by Jewish soldiers during a time of war, his response–based upon the teachings of Judaism as found in the Old Testament, went thus–

‘Although intercourse with a female gentile is a very grave matter, it is permitted during wartime out of consideration for Jewish soldiers’ difficulties, and since our concern is the success of the collective in the war, the Torah permits soldiers to satisfy the evil urge for the sake of the collective’s success.’

Again, as mentioned in a previous post dealing with this same topic, all can imagine the noise that would erupt if such ‘interpretations’ were attributed to an Islamic imam, general, or political leader.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the ‘evil urge’ he is referring to is not the rape itself, but rather a Jewish man ‘defiling’ himself with a Gentile woman.

Now, along comes Ayelet Shaked, the Israeli equivalent of the US Attorney General, who has rendered her ‘professional’ opinion concerning the legality of the Israeli Supreme Court’s decision in hearing the motion pushing for the postponement of Karim’s appointment as IDF Chief Rabbi– ‘The Supreme Court should have dismissed the motion without even considering it.’

She is a woman who in in effect saying that according to Judaic law, Karim’s interpretation of the Torah command that Jewish soldiers be permitted to rape Gentile women is correct, so much so that the Israeli Supreme Court has no business whatsoever meddling with this appointment.

For those unaware, this is not the first time that the vampire Shaked has bared her fangs in a public way, having made previous statements cut from the same Judaic cloth, including her calling for the murder of Palestinian mothers whose children dare to resist the violent, rapacious behavior of the Jewish state that has been as much a part of daily life for Palestinian Christians and Muslims over the last century as sunshine is in the Sahara.

THIS IS JUDAISM, the mental/spiritual virus that turns its victims into the walking dead, while those who refuse to surrender to its precepts are devoured and destroyed, whether it is the innocent people of Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, etc, or whether it is the people of the Christian West and beyond whose minds are destroyed by the paralyzing effects of Judaic control of media and culture. Read more of this post

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