Israel Hates America and America Doesn’t Like Israel-Why Are We Giving Them Billions? Could It Be That Our Whole Government is Controlled By Zionist Agents? Yup

FBI publishes files from Bill Clinton’s 2001 pardon of Mossad agent/asset Marc Rich

by MG editor

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Democratic nominee’s campaign questions timing of release of documents from long-closed investigation involving Jewish fugitive financier who also held Israeli citizenship

ed note–I remember years ago the great honor of sitting down to lunch in Washington D.C. with Phil Giraldi, former CIA officer and a great American patriot who has contributed immensely to the struggle against Israel, Zionism, and the approaching storm. We were discussing how people in the US intelligence community really feel about America’s ‘only ally’ in the Middle East, Israel, and I asked him, out of the hundreds or even thousands of people he knew/worked with in the US intelligence community, how many had he encountered who had any positive feelings for Israel. After a moment’s reflection he said ‘one’, following it up by saying that the US Intelligence community in general hates Israel, and of those, especially the FBI.

That these files on Clinton’s dealing with Mossad agent/asset Marc Rich are coming out now over 20 years later is not by some fluke or accident, and we can all assume that the real issue here involving the pushback against Hillary Clinton’s campaign can be boiled down to one word–Israel.

America has now reached the end of the road here and the smarter elements within military and intelligence circles know that the next chapter is going to be our last and that Clinton is the key to bringing it all about. Israel is determined to see America destroyed and this is the reason not only for FBI director James Comey’s sudden about-face, but as well what will more than likely be a full court press against a possible Clinton presidency by these saner elements who understand just how serious the situation is and how there is no more ‘wiggle room’ as there has been in years past. Read more of this post

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