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On Thursday afternoon, Wikileaks tweeted links to emails sent by Barack Obama’s secret email address. The revelation exposed how Obama used that secret address to email a former counselor to his administration, and the current head of Hillary Clinton’s presidential election campaign, John Podesta.

WikiLeaks reveals first batch of US president Barack Obama emails sent via secret address

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) October 20, 2016

The “secret” email address used by Barack Obama was “”. Not so secret when your email has your name in it.

Among the leaked subjects were the topics of the G20, Economic Staffing Decisions, diversity, and contact information for someone named Eskine. (This was probably a typo. Erskine Bowles, a former White House Chief of Staff under the Clinton administration, was named as a co-chair of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, in 2010, by President Obama. Before that appointment, Bowles had served as the president of the University of North Carolina’s school system.)

Wikileaks promised to reveal more emails that were sent to Barack Obama’s secret email address. The international whistle-blower organization said this is only the first batch, putting the behind-the-scenes communication of the sitting US President in their targeted spotlight.

Among the leaked emails from John Podesta to then-senator Obama, there is one with a confidential attachment, discussing an economic transition team. The email mapped out why Obama needed to get to work and have the team up and running before his term was to begin in January 2009.

“Paulson and his subordinates do not believe they can responsibly defer until after January 20 significant decisions concerning both the use of TARP funds and other potential stabilizing measures,” the document reads.

In one email sent on election night in 2008, Podesta emailed Obama with last-minute thoughts on the upcoming G20 meeting. “I don’t want to bug you today,” Podesta wrote. “The memo pasted below concerns a possible invitation to the G20 meeting on November 15.”

“On the chance that President Bush would raise this with you tonight, I wanted you to be aware that it is the unanimous recommendation for your advisors that you NOT attend. As long as you are aware of that, we can review the contents of the memo tomorrow.”

Staffers weighed the pros and cons of accepting an invitation to the G20 meeting. In the memo, they wrote that, if they accepted, it could “afford you [Obama] an early and efficient opportunity to evaluate the positions of leaders from other economically important countries.”

Additionally, Wikileaks has exposed some of the nastier campaign tactics used by Hillary Clinton’s current presidential campaign. Some of those tactics have been revealed to be borderline illegal. Other emails raise the question of whether or not there were laws being violated, or if ethical standards were at all considered — such as media collusion and the preliminary feeding of debate questions to Clinton.

Wikileaks is currently on it’s 13th release of the Podesta emails. The organization has been wholly persistent on leaking a cache of those emails on a daily basis, with a total of nearly 22,000 leaked emails which have already been made publicly available. Julian Assange, the organization’s founder, has promised that 50,000 emails in total will be leaked before voters take to the polls in November.

With the new information that Obama may potentially be included in more emails, do you think that Wikileaks has anything that could be considered bombshell material on Obama or his administration?

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RELEASE: The Podesta Emails Part 13 #HillaryClinton #imWithHer #PodestaEmails #PodestaEmails13

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) October 20, 2016

(Writing by Aaron Kesel; editing by Bryan William Myers)

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