Obama Threatens Putin with Nuclear War (Video)

Obama Threatens Putin with Nuclear War (Video)

by Sabba


RUSSIA INSIDER – “We have the capacity to do it, and, uh,… it’ll be at a time of our choosing, and under circumstances that have the greatest impact. … will be proportionate in what we do.”

Todd again interrupted his interviewee, and said, “So, a message is going to be sent. Will the public know?” Biden replied, “Hope not.”


My Comment:  Smiling, arrogant B_____d talks about annihilating millions of Russians torturing them to death (like two cities in Japan) between his alleged fondling of young girls & whispering to them how they make him “horny.”  What a scumbag and creep and these are who now represent Amerika but they don’t represent me and they don’t represent you.  They are just a cabal of rapists and child molesters getting away with their crimes with the arrogance of getting away with all of their crimes against all of humanity!  Scumbag!  MSNBC puts their very biased spin that Putin loves to threaten us while withholding information from everyone how Russia has repeatedly called us their “brother” and asked us to cooperate with them repeatedly on trade as has China.   Because of scumbags like Biden we are now the most hated country in the world.  America, scumbags and child molesters do not represent anyone nor does the Luciferian cabal that now controls you and the Zionists who are a part of all this crime.

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