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LaRouche: ‘Stop Being Scared, Get Out and Win!’

Oct. 13 (EIRNS)—There are good grounds for honest fear at present. In the world at large, there is the danger of nuclear war due to miscalculation, if not by actual instigation by the London/Saudi/White House axis. There is suffering and strife and the depravity of the U.S. elections. But the spirit of courage to overcome evil and danger was shown in the U.S. on Sept. 28, when Congress overwhelmingly overrode Barack Obama’s veto of the JASTA bill (Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act), on the issue of holding Saudi Arabia accountable for mass murder, carried out on U.S. soil against American citizens. Congress was impelled to do the right thing by the force of morality from the population, the mobilization led by the LaRouche movement, and the leadership of the families of 9/11 victims.

That same spirit is urgently needed now. Congress must be forced to convene and reinstate Glass-Steagall, to break with the collapse and war policy. Anything less than that—a new regulation, a court case, another hearing, a denunciation, an appeal, a review, etc.—won’t work.

Look at the United States right now, where the circumstances of life are collapsing—manufacturing shutting down, farming in crisis, and a crumbling infrastructure base which cannot even withstand predictable, seasonal storms. The health-care system is a debacle which is looting precious household earnings and sentencing many to death from curable diseases that will no longer be treated under the bankrupt Obamacare.

To Obama and his controllers, this is success. In his latest writing, Obama asserts, “By almost every measure, this country is better, and the world is better, than it was 50 years ago, 30 years ago, or even eight years ago.” (The article is, “Barack Obama: Now Is The Greatest Time To Be Alive,” in the November issue of Wired for which Obama is guest-editor of the special Wired Frontiers innovation.) Not merely a liar, he is a killer. Across whole categories of Americans, the death rate is rising from drugs, crashes, untreated illness, psychosis, vulnerability to disasters, terrorism and despair.  And in a few cases, American citizens have been killed through Obama’s regular Tuesday “kill meetings” in the White House which sanction extra-judicial assassinations.

Today, in Pittsburgh, Obama shared the podium with Atul Gawande, a leading advocate of eliminating “excessive” health care in America—that is, killing people. The occasion was the White House Frontiers Conference on the nominal theme of innovative technologies. Gawande is promoting a documentary nationally, “Being Mortal,” on early death. His recent article denounces the “epidemic of too much medical care” in the United States. In other words, the Hitler T-4 euthanasia policy of eliminating “excess” people. This was the nature of the Obama Affordable Care Act—made in London—right from the start.

Others on the roster for the White House event included Anousheh Ansari, the private space astronaut, to play up the White House’s lunatic “Mars travel,” so that Obama, who is killing NASA, can brag about backing space shots.

Briefed on this and the world picture today, EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche spoke of not giving in to fear. To begin with, “When you’re dealing with a deadly enemy, you don’t get scared. You deal with eliminating him!” Take actions that will do that. He said, “Stop being scared, go out and win.” Given the victory with JASTA, LaRouche elaborated, it’s possible to help strengthen the social processes for people to not give in to fear. He underscored the reality that people are trying to survive under terrible conditions of inflation of the costs of living—for health care, for basic necessities. Some people who had been optimistic are now prone to giving in and giving up. But “we must not give in.”

In sum, he said, “There’s a kind of fear, that’s a good fear.” It’s when you say: “We’re not going to take any more of this.”


Russian Ambassador Warns of Increasing Risk of Miscalculation

Oct. 13 (EIRNS)—Russia’s Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak told CNN yesterday that the danger of miscalculation between the U.S. and Russia is growing. “The risk of miscalculations has increased,” especially with NATO forces “being deployed next to our borders,” he said, and saying that “normal channels of communication are frozen” between the U.S. and Russia. “We see the United States taking unfriendly steps toward Russia including sanctions; there are calls for isolating Russia,” he said, and “it doesn’t work with Russia and it’s not going to work.”

Russian Military Test Fires Three Nuclear Missiles

Oct. 13 (EIRNS)—Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces conducted a missile test-firing exercise, yesterday, with three missiles. Two of them were launched from Delta III/IV ballistic missile submarines, one each from the Northern and Pacific Fleets. The third launch was a Topol ICBM fired from Plesetsk towards the Kura test range.

Russian nuclear weapons expert Pavel Podvig reported on his blog that October is the time the Russian strategic forces conduct their large annual exercises that almost always involve multiple launches of ballistic missiles, but that, this year, there was no formal announcement of the exercise.

Podvig also reports that the Topol fired yesterday was the second one in two months and was described by the Russian Defense Ministry as conducted “to confirm the extended lifetime of the missile.”  The Topol has been undergoing a program to extend its life to 26 years.

U.S. Joins Saudi War In Yemen; Fires Tomahawk Missiles at Three Coastal Targets

Oct. 13 (EIRNS)—According to news reports and Pentagon statements, a U.S. Navy warship fired Tomahawk missiles at targets on the coast of Yemen in the Bab al Mandab Strait, last night. The targets were coastal radar sites that were allegedly used to guide missiles that were fired at the USS Mason on Oct. 9 and again on Oct. 12. “These limited self-defense strikes were conducted to protect our personnel, our ships, and our freedom of navigation,” Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said. Unnamed U.S. officials told Reuters that

the guided missile destroyer USS Nitze launched the Tomahawk cruise missiles around 4 a.m. local time. “The United States will respond to any further threat to our ships and commercial traffic, as appropriate,” Cook said.

After the second missile attack yesterday, the Houthis reiterated their denial of responsibility. “These allegations are unfounded and the people’s committees have nothing to do with this action,” the Houthi-controlled Saba News Agency said.

Iran’s Tasnim news agency reported today that the Iranian Navy is deploying two warships to the waters off Yemen, to include the Bab al Mandab straight “to protect the country’s trade vessels against piracy in the unsafe zone.”


President Obama’s ‘Frontiers’ Conference Pushes Global ‘Change’: Killer Mars Program, Killer Medical Programs

Oct. 13 (EIRNS)—Making a mockery of the destruction his policies have created in the formerly industrial cities of the Midwest, President Obama landed in Pittsburgh today to kick off a White House Frontiers Conference, pledging that the rotting steel town will be transformed into a center for science and technology. Among panel discussion topics was “interplanetary frontiers.” This focused on the ostensible successes of the “new space” private entrepreneurs, the possibilities for making money through “entertainment” in space, and included participation by NASA’s Deputy Administrator Dava Newman, who is a manic promoter of private space enterprise.

On the panel on “personal frontiers” and medical care, was Dr. Atul Gawande, who writes books about and speaks on the importance of “end of life” decision-making, and is a crusader against “unnecessary medical care.”

Obama’s blatant purpose in today’s event, and in an earlier CNN guest article this week on private travel to Mars, etc. is to line up his post-presidency job prospects, proclaiming his identity as a science nerd.

In tandem with his conference gambit, Obama is guest-editor and cover story of the special November Wired Frontiers issue of Wired magazine. His own article, titled, “Barack Obama: Now Is the Greatest Time To Be Alive,” is a run-on piece of self-promotion crap, on how, “I love this [science] stuff,” including “the possibility of interplanetary travel.” His favorite movie is, “The Martian,” etc.

Obama told the Frontiers Conference audience at Carnegie Mellon University, PennLive reported today, that “I confess, I’m a science geek. I’m a nerd and I don’t make any apologies for it. It’s cool stuff and it is that thing that sets us [science nerds] apart.”

What is the pretense that holds these lies together as “science?” It is lip-service to the assertion that “innovations” (biological, robots, medical, etc.) allow one to assert any policy he or she wants. It is an odious cover for killing people.

U.S. Congressman Lieu Warns of U.S. War Crimes in Supplying Arms to Saudis

Oct. 13 (EIRNS)—Today Human Rights Watch issued a report, based on follow-up work on the ground in Sana’a, Yemen to the Oct. 8 Saudi bombing which killed more than 140 people, and wounded many more. The report, which terms the incident a war crime, identifies the bomb as made in the United States. The report states that the ballistic remnants still had an intact guidance fin, which had legible manufacturer’s markings. It was a GBU-12 Paveway II 500-pound laser-guided bomb.

Earlier this week, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) wrote a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry calling on him to halt the sales of U.S. arms to Saudi Arabia and U.S. military support for the Saudi-led coalition in its campaign in Yemen. The letter comes in the aftermath of the Saudi Oct. 8 bombing of the funeral gathering in Sana’a. Lieu also cites an Oct. 10 Reuters dispatch that reports concerns among State Department lawyers that the U.S. could be held liable for war crimes that the Saudis commit with U.S. support. “The frequency and scale of the civilian killings by the Saudi military coalition make it difficult to come to any conclusion other than that war crimes have been and are continuing to be committed in Yemen,” Lieu wrote, adding that human rights groups have counted, “at least 70 unlawful airstrikes on civilians by the Saudi coalition. And that was before the latest air strike on civilians at a funeral.”

This is far too many air strikes than can be defended as “errant” by “apologists” for the Saudi coalition, Lieu continues. “It appears that either the Saudi coalition is intentionally targeting civilians or they are not distinguishing between civilians and military targets,” Lieu writes. “Both would be war crimes.” Lieu is a former Air Force attorney.

Former Senator Bob Graham: Ample Evidence 9/11 Could Not Have Happened without Saudi Support

Oct. 13 (EIRNS)—Former Florida Sen. Bob Graham, who has been tireless in his efforts to get out the truth about who was behind 9/11, told McClatchy News yesterday, that in the aftermath of the Congressional override of President Obama’s veto of the JASTA legislation, several things will now happen. “The victims’ families will have an opportunity for justice,” he said. “And Saudi Arabia will be disabused of any idea that it has immunity from responsibility for its role in 9/11.”

Graham said, “But from what I know today, there is ample evidence that 9/11 would not have happened but for the assistance provided by Saudi Arabia…. The result of that assistance was (nearly) 3,000 persons murdered, 90% of them Americans. And a new wave of terrorism with Saudi financial and operational support has beset the world.” Graham dismissed Saudi claims that they are going after Islamic radicals, maintaining that whatever changes they have made since 9/11 have been minor. “What I don’t think they’ve changed is their Wahhabist commitment to the extreme form of Islam, which has served as the primary motivation for thousands of people to adopt jihad as their life goal,” he said.

Graham offered a deft, ironic twist on the question of how the G.W. Bush and Obama Administrations could have averted JASTA. He said that the U.S. could have dealt with the Saudi role in 9/11, in the same way that the Libyan government of Muammar Qaddafi ultimately compensated the families of victims of the Pan Am 103 bombing. JASTA? “It was self-inflicted,” Graham said. “The Bush and Obama Administrations could have avoided JASTA if they had negotiated with Saudi Arabia through diplomatic channels and if they had voluntarily made more information available about responsibility for 9/11.”


Germany: Senior Linke Party Politicians Call for Strict Bank Separation

Oct. 13 (EIRNS)—Sahra Wagenknecht, chairwoman of the Linke party’s group in the Bundestag, and MEP Fabio de Masi, the Linke party’s vice chairman of the European Parliament’s investigation committee on money-laundering/tax evasion, published a joint statement in Oct. 12 Spiegel Online which calls for strict action against Deutsche Bank. They note that the bank has committed so many violations of the law that the question can justifiably be asked whether it is a criminal association, and indeed former Deutsche Bank employee and later whistleblower Eric Ben-Artzi spoke of the bank’s culture of crime. The bank however has never been prosecuted as a whole, and instead received billions in U.S. and European taxpayers’ money which helped it to survive the crisis of 2008. And if Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble declares his confidence in this bank, taxpayers should keep an eye on their wallets, the two Linke politicians warned.

“The policy of central banks to flood the private banks with liquidity while at the same time drying out loans to the real economy, has created new financial bubbles in the past years,” Wagenknecht and De Masi wrote. An in-depth resolution and restructuring of private banks under state supervision has never occurred in the Eurozone. That is why the bad loans are still hanging like a Damocles’ sword over the financial system, they explained, adding that the EU bank resolution fund is much too small to handle cases like Deutsche Bank with its giant derivatives portfolio of €42 trillion—mega banks like this one are a ticking timebomb.

“But both the European Parliament and the Bundestag have so far failed to decide on splitting up universal banks or a separation of investment banking from serious business with loans and deposits,” Wagenknecht and De Masi affirm. “That, however, is necessary in order to create a firewall between the casino banking and the lending business which is important for the national economy, and to prevent the central bank and also the taxpayers from having to step in when speculation deals fail. A bigger role of foreign investors at Deutsche Bank, be it from Qatar or from Wall Street, would only escalate the systemic risk. That would like turning on the air conditioning in a room full of influenza patients.”

What is needed, they said, is more “boring banking: more savings banks instead of gambling halls. Deutsche Bank must be split up, and its gambling units be shut down in a controlled way.”

Mario Draghi’s Role Exposed in the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Criminal Disaster

Oct. 13 (EIRNS)—Today a Rome judge was expected to decide whether to open an investigation of Mario Draghi, now head of the European Central Bank (ECB), for criminal responsibility in the Monte dei Paschi (MPS) crisis. A small shareholder has accused Draghi of having failed in his role as central banker and supervisor in vetoing the MPS acquisition of Antonveneta in 2008, although Bank of Italy knew that the cost of the operation was much higher than officially admitted. Moreover, Draghi allowed MPS to buy Antonveneta from Santander without a due diligence procedure.

The same issue was debated on Oct. 12 in the Tuscany Regional Council, which discussed the conclusions of the investigative committee on MPS. The committee’s final report also contains a damning indictment of Draghi and other supervisors, indicating that the 2008 acquisition of Antonveneta was the turning point for MPS. The Antonveneta acquisition bankrupted MPS, which covered its losses with derivatives bought from Deutsche Bank and Nomura. With a green light from the Bank of Italy, MPS said the acquisition would cost only €9 billion, but instead it cost €17 billion because Antonveneta had an exposure of over €7 billion to ABN Amro. This, when MPS had a capital of only €4.8 billion!

However, the Antonveneta episode was just the beginning of the story. After banking separation was removed through the 1995 Banking Laws—drafted by the same Draghi who was then director general of the Italian Treasury and by Lisbon Treaty architect Giuliano Amato)—MPS embarked on an “inorganic expansion” policy, similar to what Deutsche Bank did after the 1989 assassination of chairman Alfred Herrhausen, away from commercial banking, into investment banking and derivatives.

In the debate yesterday, Tommaso Fattori from the leftist Sì said that “Parliament should immediately launch an investigative committee and discuss the separation between investment and commercial banks.”


Russia and India To Cooperate To Vastly Expand India’s Food Irradiation Capability

Oct. 13 (EIRNS)—Press Trust of India (PTI) reported on the signing of a pact at New Delhi today between Russia’s United Innovation Corporation (UIC), a subsidiary of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corp., and Hindustan Agro Co-Op Ltd. on the sidelines of the BRICS Business Forum to set up 25 integrated infrastructure centers for irradiation treatment of perishable food items to improve shelf life and cut post-harvest losses.

UIC CEO Denis Vitalyevich Cherednichenko reported that “The irradiation centers that we are planning to design, build and put into operation will use the technology and technical solution based on gamma-facility and/or electron accelerator. The exact cost will be determined after assessing the economic feasibility and completing relevant preparatory work.” Depending on the technological solution used in the project and considering the selected options for the center, the average cost of the irradiation center usually ranges between $4 million to $20 million. “The pact also noted that within the framework of bilateral cooperation, it is considered acceptable to extend a network of integrated infrastructure centers for irradiation treatment in the United Arab Emirates, Mauritius and Malaysia, he added,” PTI reported.

To date, India has set up 12 radiation plants including one in Vadodara which largely processes medical products. The latest one, set up in Ahmedabad, processes such products as spices, onion powder, and high-dose products like packaging material, medical and surgical products.

Also announced today is the formation of the BRICS-Biomed Consortium. Speaking at the inaugural meeting, S.G. Prakash Vincent, Chairman Associate of BRICS-Biomed, said, “the aim of the consortium is to provide affordable and novel medicines. There are global opportunities in Biomed and it will see an investment of $5 billion, and $50 billion returns are expected between 2015 and 2021.” Shamil Akhmedov, Chairman of the BRICS-Biomed, Cardiology Research Institute, explained that “the main aim of creating the consortium is the development of new biomedical technologies for diagnosis and treatment of human diseases, development of domestic demand and export of biotech products, creation of technological base for new biotech areas of industrial sector,” Russia and India Report reported today.


Brazil Threatens ‘No’ to Agreement on Syria from BRICS

Oct. 13 (EIRNS)—At the pre-BRICS press briefing given yesterday by Brazilian Foreign Ministry officials responsible for preparing for this weekend’s BRICS summit, Deputy Secretary General for Asia and the Pacific Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti told Xinhua not to expect Russia’s proposal that the BRICS take a common position on the Syrian situation to be adopted.

“The subject may be discussed, but there are different points of view on it. We seek to maintain the formula that the BRICS coordinate on matters on which there is a consensus. The economic agenda is very clear. On matters of peace and international security, there are greater difficulties. With regards to Syria: this is a case in which there may be an exchange of ideas, but a convergence is more difficult,” Ambassador Ribeiro Viotti said.

The new government in Brazil, in other words, intends to begin the process of pulling the “B” out of the BRICS, exactly as intended by Obama and the Wall Street interests that orchestrated the coup d’état in that country in August.

Sources in the Presidency told O Globo daily that illegitimate President Michel Temer will use his first speech before a BRICS summit to promote his economic policy of “fiscal adjustment” and Social Security and labor reforms, as having restored Brazil’s international “credibility”!

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