In honor of “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” you can now view the award-winning documentary “STINK!” for free! “The movie the chemical industry doesn’t want you to see” is available free online all month.

Each October, pink-ribbon items dominate stores– including products that contain chemicals linked to cancer. But this is one pink special we can actually get behind.

“STINK!” reveals the truth about chemical and cosmetics regulation in America. The New York Times calls it “heartfelt…sensible and unnerving.”

STINK! movie ticket

Follow director Jon Whelan on his unexpected journey as he tries to uncover the truth about the secretive chemical industry. Entertaining, enlightening, and at times almost absurd, “STINK!” takes you on a madcap journey, from boardrooms, to back alleys, through the halls of Congress, and finally, to the sickening discovery of the “Cancer Loophole.” This is the movie that the chemical industry doesn’t want you to see.


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