illuminati $$$$$ Making

Child Prostitution, Organ Trafficking, Snuff Porn, Drug Trade-Legal & Illegal, Guns & Gun Running, Abortion Body Parts Business, Prostitution of Women & Children, Terrorism, Smuggling Dope, Selling Dope, Laundering Dope Money, Heroin Trade, Cocaine Trade, Peddling Influence, Big Pharma, Gun Manufacturing, Chemical Companies & Manufacturing, Organ Trafficking of Snuff Porn Victims, Pornography, S & M Pornography, Fur Trade, Blood Diamond Trade, Depleted Uranium Mining, Gold Mining, Silver Mining & other Precious Metals & Gems, BANKING & ANY OTHER BUSINESS THAT GENERATES A HUGE AMOUNT OF CASH IN A VERY SHORT TIME-THEY ARE ALSO HEAVILY INVOLVED IN DARPA, ROBOTICS, WAR INDUSTRY & WARS, ETC.

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