For the Coming Currency Collapse

  1. Convert your dollars to Gold, Silver, Platinum, Paladium, Copper and STOREABLE FOOD—
  2. learn to grow a garden, dehydrate or can food, make simple things like hummus, no bake cookies, sew, compost, grow a few fruit trees if you have a backyard
  3. get either a propane stove, grill, barbecue set and keep stocked with matches & lighters
  4. convert your IRA to gold & silver
  5. get a safe to store stuff in at home and get insurance on it
  6. if you have a safe deposit box get insurance on the contents-as inexpensive as $110 for $50,000 of insurance for one year
  7. have a bugout backpack with nuts, cheese, sausage, fruit and water purifiers (straw or pill) with a lightweight blanket
  8. keep extra gas stored in a container with gas stabilizer in it (about $8)
  9. store beans, rice, dehydrated stuff in glass jars-peanut butter, canned meats that can be mixed with rice mixes
  10. stock up on clothes, toilet paper, toiletries, cleaning stuff, underwear, socks, etc. NOW
  11. stock up on canned specials (Piggly Wiggly had 2 cans of wild salmon for $3.00)
  12. if you can own a goat (for milk) or chickens for eggs-they will keep laying the eggs and you can feed them table scraps
  13. have some great books to read until the crisis blows over-it could last 4 to 10 years.
  14. have some type of self protection: gun, pistol, bear spray, pepper spray, taser.

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