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Obama pours $Trillions into new nuclear weapons. No Images? Click here

The Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine USS Rhode Island, 2013. One aspect of Obama’s $1 trillion dollar nuclear weapon and delivery system upgrade. (photo: US Navy)

How We Can Stop the Countdown to Nuclear War

Once again, today, a warning from experts that the United States is coming closer to nuclear war with Russia or China.

This, the front-page lead story of the Sunday New York Times, simply repeats again, quoting new nuclear arms authorities, that new, smaller and more accurate nuclear weapons and hypersonic delivery vehicles are “meant to be used.” The Obama Administration is projecting spending $1 trillion on these weapons. The commander of the U.S. 6th Fleet admits in a CNN interview that NATO is expanding military capabilities all around Russia; including shipborne anti-ballistic missile systems just off the Russian coast. This, while both Lithuania and Poland insanely ask for the most modern U.S. nuclear weapons to be stationed permanently on their soil, immediately on Russia’s border. And while the United States injects into the South China Sea everything from U.S. and Japanese destroyers and carriers, to U.S. military drones, and projects anti-ballistic missile systems in Korea just outside Chinese territory.

Do not look for comforting explanations for the repeated warnings from Russian military planes against U.S. destroyers and aircraft along their coast. Obama is pushing for capitulation to geopolitical threats and encirclement—or for war, which will be thermonuclear war.

We are in a very late state of nuclear countdown, which cannot last much longer.

Why and how can Obama do this?

Because the tremendous worldwide economic growth and potential progress represented by China’s “New Silk Road” global infrastructure development, is seen as a mortal threat by Wall Street and the City of London, whose financial powers are bankrupt and loaded with defaulting debt. So, too, Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s strategic moves to end the endless Mideast wars, threaten Wall Street and London. They can lead to that “New Silk Road” being extended through the Mideast and North Africa in a “New Marshall Plan” of infrastructure building developed by the BRICS nations. The 6th Fleet’s Adm. Mark Ferguson spoke to CNN of NATO’s military capacity being “a very visceral threat to Russia”; but the “New Silk Road” development, not to speak of the deep space “great projects” being projected by China and India, are indeed seen as a visceral threat by the failing trans-Atlantic banking powers.

And the Wall Street and London powers, in their collapse, still control Obama; and still own Hillary Clinton, as richly shown, among other examples, in her 2013 gold-plated speech to Goldman Sachs.

We need your help now to spread this alarm far and wide, to win Obama’s impeachment.

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