The true role of these Intelligence networks is the protection of the commerce system its that simple. British SIS control all the agencies from the Pakistani ISI, MOSSAD to the CIA. Remember on they created them all. British SIS are the leaders of the Global Drugs Trade which is simply a method of dumbing the people down whilst using cleaned up drug money laundered through the Stock Market companies to keep the economy going. Right now the Economy is in trouble and has been for a while. Notice the increase in drugs on the street at cut prices? Pioneer researchers in this field were Brain Downing Quig & Gary Webb, guess where they are now? In a wooden box, DEAD! Mike Ruppert has some excellent information on this subject. Whilst Oil is only $110 a barrel, the Heroin trade is worth $20 million a barrel and when cut it brings in $60-80 million. Welcome to the Knights of Malta and their The Crown’s dirtiest dealings. Remember the connection of Sicily to the heroin trade and note how King Juan Carlos controls this region via his House of Bourbon power. The very house which is the Farnese continuum today. Also study the role of The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries controlling Dope Inc.

My Comment:  The British Monarchy (Dope, Inc.) and the other illuminati families (generational Satanists) are making a fortune off of the dumbed down, doped up populace of the Western Nations (NATO) where this is going on.  Since US-NATO troops landed in Afghanistan the country has turned into a poppy growing heroin economy.

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